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Mobile Computer Fixed Asset Management Solution

Use barcode or RFID technology to assign an "asset ID card" to each asset, and use PDA mobile technology to complete the rapid identification and collection of fixed asset barcodes, and solve the problems in daily management such as the use, depreciation, maintenance, scrapping, and inventory of fixed assets. Kind of problem. 


Project Difficulty

1. Large-scale enterprises and institutions have many departments andbranches, and their fixed assets are widely distributed;

  • 2. Inventory is time-consuming, laborious, inaccurate, and inefficient;

  • 3. The fixed assets account cards are prone to deep inconsistencies, and verification takes a lot of time;

  • 4. There is no way to check the storage location of the fixed assets after theabnormal transfer, which will affect the normal business work;

  • Project Value

  • 1. Digitalization of fixed asset management to ensure that the accounts areconsistent with the actuals;

    2. Improve management efficiency and perceive the status of fixed assets in atimely manner;

    3. Scientifically plan assets and increase the utilization rate of assets;

    4. Reasonable use of solid capital to reduce waste of corporate resources.

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Yanzeo SR3000 is a powerful industrial-grade smart handheld terminal. Equipped with Zebra 4710 Scan Engine, developed based on Android 8.1 operating system, adopts high-performance processor, Octa-core CPU, supports dual-band WiFi and high-speed 4G communication, runs fast and saves power.Users can expand customized functions according to their needs to help users quickly realize information management andimprove production efficiency

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●Read all 1D and 2D code on screen and paper, scanning broken code is good perfomance.

●Communication model: 2.4G, bluetooth and USB-Type-B cable.

●Equipped with OCR, shows great perfomance in data processing like editing or searching, improving efficiency and accuracy(optional)

●Communication distance (open air): 2.4G:100meters BT: 40meters.

●Charge time is 3 hours and continuous scanning time is 24hours.

●Support double firmware upgrade online: wireless and decoder.

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