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Intelligent inspection solution for power equipment

According to the actual needs and characteristics of the inspection work, the power equipment handheld terminal inspection system has functions such as route arrangement, data recording, work status supervision, data summary report, etc., and can be seamlessly connected with the existing information system of the power equipment enterprise for effective understanding , Check the working status of patrol inspection, find the defects of power equipment in time, improve the safety of power equipment, power equipment and equipment, reduce production and operation costs, improve work efficiency, low cost, light and easy operation, long equipment use time, etc. advantage.


System advantages

1. There is no need to install any equipment on inspection equipment and power equipment, which greatly reduces the cost of system procurement and maintenance;

  • 2. Effectively ensure the inspection quality of inspection personnel, improve the safety and reliability of equipment and power equipment, and eliminate potential safety hazards;

  • 3. Adopt wireless network and RFID technology to realize the information management of power equipment inspection work.

  • System Effect

  • 1. Realize the real-time and scientific management of power equipment and power equipment inspection, and improve the level of maintenance and management and work efficiency;

    2. Real-time transmission of inspection data and RFID data to the inspection management department through the use of GPRS network;

    3. Through the summary and analysis of the inspection system data, the hidden troubles in the power equipment circuit can be found in time;

    4. Scientific management and arranging inspection work of inspectors;

  • 5. Provide a scientific and effective means for inspection, maintenance and management.

  • Location System of Electric Identifiers of CK-GTR650 Pipelines

    With the rapid development of economy and acceleration of urban construction pace, pipelines including gas, water supply and electricity in municipal pipeline network are becoming larger and more complex. The comprehensive pipeline management level of a city directly reflects its development level and potential

    Sep 24,2021
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