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RFID is a kind of super anti-interference, the most important advantage is non-contact identification, it can work in abrupt and harsh environments, and the signal penetration is extremely strong, which can quickly identify and read tags. The data capacity of the RFID tag is very large and can be operated dynamically. Its tag data can be dynamically modified by programming, and it can be dynamically tracked and monitored, as long as the object attached to the RFID tag appears within the effective recognition range of the reader. Start to read the data right away. Under normal circumstances, the recognition can be completed in less than 100 milliseconds. And we can provide you with corresponding solutions according to different purposes, and provide customization at the same time. We have strict production standards and quality control, so you can buy with confidence.If you depend on RFID, please depend on Yanzeo.

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Pro RFID & BarCode