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What is NFC?

What is NFC?

Nov 3,2023

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a reliable technology that can greatly improve user experience through efficient integration.

NFC technology can unleash its full potential for users, and the use of NFC technology can provide benefits for users.


What is NFC?

NFC Technical Background

NFC technology is based on the 13.56 MHz wireless communication protocol and supports stopping wireless communication between two devices that are no more than 10 centimeters apart and support NFC functionality.


Very convenient, this connection does not rely on Wi Fi, 4G, LTE or similar technologies, and using it does not require any cost: users do not need to have proficient skills; No battery required; Will not emit radio frequency waves when not using the card reader (it is a passive technology); With the improvement and application of NFC technology in smartphones, everyone can enjoy the benefits brought by NFC.

The NFC Forum (an industry association promoting NFC and device compliance) assists in simplifying and standardizing the use of NFC to provide convenience for consumers.

According to the NFC Forum, in early 2020, one quarter of the Earth's residents (2 billion people) had devices that supported NFC functionality. Approximately 64 NFC capable devices are consumed per second. These devices are usually smartphones equipped with NFC technology.

Many industries are using NFC due to its ability to give brand life

Making digital life possible for everyday consumer goods - bring NFC enabled smartphones close to NFC tags on products, and open up a vast world filled with infinite possibilities: websites, phone numbers, social media, loyalty, coupon distribution, buying and selling, competition listings, product identification, and more.


NFC technology can also be used to ensure the integrity of products and verify their origin in applications, including:

Consumer interaction

Brand maintenance

Anti counterfeiting

Anti theft

Product identification

Access control/access control

Asset tracking



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