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Do you know the key technologies of RFID?

Do you know the key technologies of RFID?

Jun 2,2023
Radio frequency technology: The frequency of radio waves used in RFID systems is usually within the LF (low frequency), HF (high frequency), UHF (ultra high frequency), or microwave (microwave) range. The choice of frequency depends on the application scenario and requirements, as different frequencies have different transmission ranges and energy consumption.

RFID tag technology: Tags are the core components of the RFID system, which can be implanted into items or pasted on the surface of items to bind item information with tags. In addition, it can be divided into two types: passive and active. Passive tags require energy acquisition and communication through readers and writers, while active tags have their own power source, which provides energy through their own power source and actively communicates with readers and writers.

Data storage technology: Labels can store a certain amount of data, such as the unique identifier of an item, production date, inventory quantity, and so on. Its data storage can be controlled through RFID card issuers, sending instructions to read and write tags.

Communication protocol: The communication protocol used in RFID systems is usually ISO/IEC 18000, which defines communication rules and data formats between tags and readers.

Security technology: Due to the sensitive item information and privacy involved in RFID systems, security technology is very important. Common security technologies include data encryption, access control, and identity authentication.

Antenna technology: The communication between RFID readers and tags requires an antenna to achieve, so antenna technology is also one of the key technologies of RFID. The design of antennas can affect the reading distance, power consumption, and anti-interference performance of RFID systems.

The combination of these technologies has formed RFID systems and made them widely used in logistics, fixed asset management, intelligent transportation, and other fields.

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