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Knowledge about Anti Metal Rfid tag

Knowledge about Anti Metal Rfid tag

June 6,2023
What is an ultra-high frequency anti metal RFID tag?

RFID tag manufacturers specialize in intelligent ultra-high frequency metal resistant RFID electronic tags, which are widely used in logistics management, warehouse management, asset management, and other places.

The main features of ultra-high frequency anti metal RFID tags include:

Capable of working in high metal environments with stable performance;

Users can customize and read their standard data to improve application system efficiency;

Long reading distance and strong anti-interference ability;

Long data storage time, up to 20 years;

Can read multiple tags without being affected or limited by the number of tags in the workspace;

Adopting an ultra wide working frequency band design, complying with relevant industry regulations, and capable of flexible development and application;

The storage area allows users to perform encrypted read, write, erase, and write operations, and can also specify a permanent dedicated word area for users.

Ultra high frequency anti metal RFID electronic tags can be affixed to the surface of metal objects, such as exposed parts of IT servers or equipment, metal assets, recyclable transportation items, warehouse shelves, etc. They can also be used for outdoor power equipment inspection, tower and pole inspection, elevator inspection, pressure vessels, steel cylinders, and various products management of power and household equipment.

PCB anti metal label

What is the purpose of the PCB anti metal label provided by the RFID label manufacturer Yanzeo?

PCB anti metal tag is an ultra-high frequency RFID electronic tag that uses a special antenna design to solve the problem of ordinary electronic tags not adhering to metal surfaces. It can be used for the recognition and tracking of metal objects, such as metal tools, vehicles, ships, etc. Compared with ordinary paper or plastic labels, PCB anti metal labels have stronger anti-interference ability and longer reading distance.

The PCB anti metal tags provided by RFID label manufacturer Jiujiu Intelligent are mainly used for high-frequency recognition and tracking of metal objects, and can be used in fields such as logistics management, warehouse management, asset management, etc.


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