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RFID technology promotes the development of animal management

RFID technology promotes the development of animal management

May 31,2023
With the development of science and technology and the need for production safety, RFID technology has gradually entered people's vision, and at the same time, it is driving the development of animal husbandry management towards digitalization. Industrial production has entered an era of intelligence and automation, and animal husbandry and breeding have also taken steps towards automation and intelligence. By combining RFID technology, the automation and intelligence level of animal husbandry can be improved. In large farms, the statistics of animal numbers have always troubled every farmer. Manual counting and statistics can easily result in incorrect or repetitive counting of animal numbers if there is a slight lack of attention, resulting in inaccurate animal numbers. Every time animal statistics are conducted, a large amount of time and manpower are required to do so, which is not only inefficient but also prone to errors. Moreover, due to efficiency issues, real-time information about animals cannot be obtained, resulting in significant lag in information and various inconveniences for animal management.

In modern livestock farms, animals inside wear RFID electronic tags, which record information such as animal numbers, individual weights, individual species, and breeding materials. Each RFID tag has a unique tag code to prevent information confusion during inventory.

After animals wear electronic labels, each animal has its own identification. When counting the number of animals, there is no longer a need to count them head by head like before. Just hold a handheld electronic ear tag recognition device to scan the electronic labels of the animals, and all information about the animals can be obtained in real-time. After the scanning is completed, the statistical results can be seen, and the number of animals can be grasped in real-time, You can also learn about the feeding and activity status of animals, epidemic prevention and testing information, past cases, and other information. Based on this information, animals can be reasonably raised to save time, labor, and feeding costs.

RFID technology recognizes target objects and obtains information through wireless radio frequency signals, which can identify target objects from a long distance without establishing mechanical or optical contact. It can be applied in various harsh environments. RFID technology has a high recognition accuracy for target objects and a low probability of missing, misreading, and misreading. In addition to being applied in animal husbandry, it is also widely used in industrial fields.
The application of RFID technology in animal husbandry mainly combines ear tags (electronic tags) implanted in livestock with data collectors with low-frequency RFID technology. Ear labels implanted in livestock record information such as the breed, birth, and vaccination of each animal, and also have a positioning function. The low-frequency RFID data collector can timely, quickly, accurately, and batch read the information of livestock, quickly complete the collection work, and ensure the quality and safety of livestock during the entire breeding process in real-time.

By relying solely on manual paper records, the breeding process cannot be controlled by one hand. With intelligent management, the entire data of the breeding process can be clear and traceable, allowing consumers to follow and feel reliable and at ease.

Whether from the perspective of consumers or livestock managers, RFID technology has improved management efficiency, making breeding processes more visual and intelligent, which is also the future trend of livestock development.

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