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RFID Application in firearms management system

RFID Application in firearms management system

Jul 19,2023

As the direction of future military efforts, information technology construction has been included in the timetable of military construction, regardless of which service it belongs to, with the comprehensive utilization of information resources as the core of information technology construction work. The new military revolution centered on information technology is triggering profound changes in the military field. The essence of this change is the transformation from the mechanized military form of the Industrial society to the information-based military form of the information society. With this historic change, military informatization has become an important means of accelerating military modernization and an important component of military modernization.


Firearms are a special weapon with great danger, mainly used as a special tool to deter crime, so the management of firearms is particularly important.

A firearms management system based on RFID technology can effectively monitor and manage the daily storage, storage, transportation, use, carrying, and return of firearms, thereby maximizing regulatory efforts and preventing significant safety hazards to the country and society caused by inadequate regulation.

The RFID gun management system is designed for the automation and digitization of the supervision of firearms, ordnance, and other weapons and equipment. The system currently adopts advanced radio frequency identification. RFID technology includes specialized electronic tags for firearms, fixed electronic tag readers, handheld electronic tag readers, and so on.

Use an electronic tag reader to read and write electronic tags. By installing special RFID electronic tags on firearms, the attribute information of firearms (such as model, number, etc.) is stored in the electronic tag, completing automatic identification and information processing of firearms. At the same time, by combining computer networks and database systems, it is possible to automate the management of firearms in and out of warehouses and transportation processes, inventory management, log management, and query statistics, achieving the safety monitoring of firearms.


2.1 Install RFID tags on firearms to automatically identify and manage the entry, exit, inventory, and movement of firearms between warehouses, and collect real-time information on scheduling personnel, firearms, warehouses, and time.

2.2 The identity verification must be carried out for the gun rack or gun cabinet, and the gun cabinet must match the person and gun.

2.3 Online monitoring of the status of firearms in stock and querying for the removal, licensor, and time of firearms that are not in stock.

When entering or exiting the warehouse or control area, the identification of personnel and firearms can be recorded in real-time. Unauthorized personnel and firearms can immediately report to the police when entering or exiting.

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