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The Application of RFID Intelligent Management Scheme in Construction Sites

The Application of RFID Intelligent Management Scheme in Construction Sites

Jul 20,2023

With the rapid development of cities, the demand for efficient and information-based construction sites is becoming increasingly urgent. In the complex and fast-paced construction environment, the management of construction equipment and personnel attendance is particularly important. The intelligent management system relying on RFID technology can effectively strengthen the information management of construction sites and save costs efficiently.

Common problems faced by construction site management:

1. Difficulty in personnel attendance

The personnel flow at construction sites is high, and most workers have a low level of education. The frequency of staff changes is fast, the working hours are not fixed, and the work cycle is also not fixed. The overly complex attendance process is not easy for workers to understand and accept. These lead to difficulties in information statistics, which brings many difficulties to the later work of attendance information statistics.

2. The supervision method for construction equipment and other assets is too single

In current construction management, the daily management of construction equipment relies on handwritten records by management personnel, with a single management method and inability to achieve continuous supervision of construction equipment. This can easily lead to many problems such as high failure rate of construction equipment, short service life, and workers operating equipment in violation of regulations.

In this situation, the Internet of Things RFID wireless radio frequency identification technology has been applied to the management of construction equipment, achieving automation and intelligent management of construction equipment and personnel. Especially UHF RFID technology, which has the characteristics of long reading distance, smaller labels, lower costs, fast recognition speed, and strong multi label recognition ability, is widely used in various fields such as warehousing, transportation, asset, and personnel management, Successfully saving a lot of manpower and time for enterprises, improving operational efficiency, and reducing operational costs.

Specific operation process

1. Worker side: install Super high frequency RFID card reader in the access channel of the construction site, paste self-adhesive RFID passive electronic tags in the construction workers' safety helmets, and pre write the basic information of the worker, such as his/her job number, name, equipment operation authority, and so on, as the worker's Electronic identification. Automatically complete check-in or check-out when wearing a safety helmet to enter or exit the channel.

2. Device end: The device end includes two parts: ① Device permission management device; ② RFID tags, RFID readers, and ZigBee modules. The permission management device includes an RFID reader, a microcontroller unit, an audible and visual alarm, and a ZigBee communication module. RFID readers are used to read the RFID tag information of workers. The microcontroller is used to retrieve the information read by the RFID reader and compare it with the list of devices with device operation permissions pre written into the microcontroller for permission determination. If the permissions are met, start the construction equipment and record the equipment operation time; If the permission is insufficient, prevent the construction equipment from starting and activate the sound and light alarm. At the same time, transfer the retrieved worker information and judgment results to the ZigBee module. Finally, through information conversion in the database of the application.


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