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RFID in food security

RFID in food security

Jul 13,2023
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a non-contact identification technology that has the advantages of large information storage, fast identification, and less damage to labels. Using RFID to track the entire process of agricultural product production, processing, storage, and sales at the location, tracing the production and processing of food, can effectively strengthen the management of agricultural products.

The application of RFID technology in food safety requires the establishment of complete and accurate food supply chain information records. By utilizing RFID to uniquely identify and record objects, products and their attribute information, as well as participant information, can be effectively identified and recorded throughout the entire food supply chain. And food tracking and traceability require that at every processing point in the food supply chain, not only should the processed products be labeled, but also the existing labeling information on the processed food ingredients should be collected, and all of its information should be labeled on the processed products for the next processor or consumer to use.

Based on this data record covering the entire supply chain and process, as well as the reliable connection between data and objects, it can ensure that the food source that reaches consumers is clear and traceable to specific animal individuals or farms, production and processing enterprises, personnel, storage and transportation processes, and other intermediate links. RFID is a 100% tracking solution for food sources, which can answer consumers' questions about "where food comes from and whether the intermediate processing is complete" and provide detailed and reliable answers. Can effectively monitor and solve food safety issues.

During the production stage, producers store the name, variety, origin, batch, pesticide application, producer information, and other necessary content of the product in RFID tags, and use RFID tags to record the initial product information and production process; When purchasing products, the content of the label is used to quickly sort the products, and different purchase prices are given according to the different situations of the products.

RFID technology can provide accurate traceability records for various links in food production and supply chain. Each piece of food can be attached with an RFID tag, which automatically collects, records, and transmits information at each stage, enabling manufacturers, suppliers, merchants, and consumers to trace the source, flow direction, and quality information of each piece of food. On farms, RFID animal ear labels are attached to the ears of pigs, cows, and sheep, and connected to the farm database, enabling information and historical tracing of animal health, feeding, vaccines, and drugs; During the processing, each batch of product information can be recorded with relevant data such as raw materials and machines to ensure that the quality of each batch of products meets the specifications; During transportation and storage, it is possible to monitor and record parameters such as temperature and humidity. In this way, when food safety issues occur, the batch and source of the food can be determined through RFID animal ear tag traceability data, and the problem can be quickly identified and handled.

In addition to providing reliable traceability records for food safety, Yanzeo RFID technology can also help food companies improve management efficiency. The RFID system can monitor and transmit data in real-time, quickly identify "bottlenecks" or abnormal problems, remind enterprises to proactively adjust production plans and inventory management, and reduce costs and risks.

In summary, RFID technology provides a reliable solution for the core requirements of food traceability and safety. It can effectively reduce the incidence of food safety issues, improve production efficiency, and reduce waste and losses. Although facing various technical and management challenges in the application process, we believe that with the continuous development and widespread promotion of technology, RFID technology will lay a more solid foundation for the regulation, operation, and development of the food industry. Need to learn more about RFID application products and solutions in food traceability and safety management, please consult "YANZEO Technology

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