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RFID technology provides new possibilities for supply chain management

RFID technology provides new possibilities for supply chain management

Jul 11,2023
With the advancement of globalization and the continuous upgrading of supply chain management, traditional management models and technologies can no longer meet the needs of modern industries. However, the application of RFID technology provides new possibilities for supply chain management. RFID technology is an automatic identification technology that realizes the automatic identification and tracking of items and assets by identifying and reading information on RFID electronic tags. RFID electronic tags include passive passive electronic tags and active active electronic tags.

Passive electronic tags do not require batteries. They operate using electromagnetic waves generated by the receiving reader as an energy source, and can transmit data within the command range; Active active electronic tags are battery powered and have the ability to send signals beyond the command range. Compared to passive passive electronic tags, active active electronic tags are more suitable for long-distance object position tracking and tracking.

1、 The Application of RFID Electronic Labels in Inventory Management

The previous inventory management model used to record inventory quantity and status through manual inventory at certain time intervals, but this model was inefficient and prone to errors. The application of RFID technology can solve this problem by attaching RFID electronic tags to items and using RFID recognition equipment to quickly scan items, eliminating the need for manual reading time and labor to maintain complex inventory systems, achieving fast and efficient tracking and management of inventory.

In addition, in large warehouses and logistics centers, RFID technology can also use readers to monitor inventory levels in real-time, and respond to inventory changes through data analysis, improving inventory operation efficiency and accuracy of new inventory delivery orders. For inventory categories that require special management, RFID technology can track item expiration time information, real-time remind personnel to conduct timely sales or processing work, shorten the time spent in inventory to prevent expired items from becoming unusable.

2、 The Application of RFID Electronic Labels in Order Tracking

RFID technology can be applied to order tracking and logistics management. RFID electronic tags are used to label orders and place them in the scheduling area, allowing real-time tracking of order location, status, and transportation status. For engineering processing production or batch orders, all orders in the same shipment number can be tracked uniformly without undergoing unpacking inspection, achieving visual management of orders. By using RFID electronic tags to track the position and status of orders and logistics transportation vehicles, it is possible to detect in real-time whether the freight vehicles have arrived at the designated logistics center and arrange the transportation route of the freight vehicles reasonably.

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