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Application of RFID access control system in clothing retail industry

Application of RFID access control system in clothing retail industry

Sep 13,2022

With the continuous development of RFID technology, more and more applications in the retail industry, clothing retailers have gradually begun to introduce RFID technology in the entire clothing management system, such as foreign Decathlon, ZARA, Uniqlo, domestic Helan Home, La Chapelle, UR, Fuana have fully implemented RFID projects. It helped them solve a lot of pain points in the apparel industry.

Image RFID technology is a kind of contactless automatic identification technology, which has the advantages of multi-target simultaneous identification, long recognition distance, fast speed, large storage capacity, strong anti-interference ability and so on. It can be applied in the whole process of clothing management. Firstly, a UHF RFID clothing tag with fixed code will be attached to each commodity. The label will uniquely represent the item and reside in the retailer's backend database. When these goods with RFID tags are transported from the factory to the distribution centers, the sorting lines and scanning channels equipped with UHF RFID reading equipment will help the system to send them to the right place efficiently and accurately. In stores, RFID hand-held devices will help store employees complete inventory efficiently and reliably, and in the same way, RFID will help cashiers make quick and easy checkout. In addition, the installation of RFID access control system at the door of the store can not only achieve the role of anti-theft and loss prevention. It also has a clear understanding of how goods were stolen, the type, quantity, lost time and other information. As an Intrgrated RFID reader, Yanzeo R786, UHF RFID Reader Long Range 12m Outdoor, IP67, 10dbi Antenna RJ45 USB RS232/RS485/Wiegand Output UHF Integrated Reader, can be well applied to the clothing retail industry. Image I will mainly talk about the application of RFID access control system in clothing retail stores. As mentioned above, each commodity will be bound with an RFID electronic tag. When the commodity with RFID electronic tag passes through the radiating area of the RFID access control system, the tag will be activated and radiate outward signals. The security door will receive the information of the electronic tag (mainly EPC information) and send it to the microprocessor. Microprocessor compares and analyzes EPC information and EAS function setting conditions. If the conditions set by the EAS function are met, the alarm is activated. So as to achieve the role of anti-theft and loss prevention. Image This paper briefly introduces the application of RFID access control system in the clothing retail industry, hoping to provide you with help. If you want to buy an integrated RFID reader, please feel free to contact us. At Yanzeo, we provide barcode and RFID solutions. Yanzeo's years of professional research and exploration of smart technology have brought together the technical essence of the barcode industry. Through the data interpretation of changes in the information environment of modern society, we can effectively overcome the difficulties and problems of barcode RFID technology, develop and design industry-leading barcode RFID products, and help customers calmly deal with the challenges brought by accurate identification and various identification obstacles, and always ensure that customer's safety. good experience.

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