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What is a medical PDA ?

What is a medical PDA ?

Sep 12,2022

Medical PDA, also known as medical RFID electronic tag scanning gun, is a data acquisition, storage and transmission equipment specially designed for medical mobile care, mobile ward rounds and patient information management. Through the PDA collection of patients, drugs, materials information, storage of relevant information, and with the help of wireless network real-time transmission of information to the database center, can accurately connect people and things, ensure the accuracy and timeliness of data to achieve the whole process of medical and nursing tracking effectively strengthen the management level of medical institutions.


PDA as a fast data acquisition intelligent equipment, integration of transfusion, registration, performance generation, evaluation and other medical links of the work business, to achieve intelligent work and management, has become an indispensable tool for medical staff.

1. Payment -- The charging staff can scan the barcode on the prescription or charge notice through PDA, and quickly retrieve all the charge items and amounts. Pharmacies, laboratory departments, etc., receive notifications simultaneously. The charging staff scans the QR code of the social security card through PDA to confirm their identity, and scans the QR code of wechat/Alipay to complete the charging of patients.

2. Performance management -- through the digital management of mobile devices such as PDA, the hospital can effectively monitor the progress of the work, but also can carry out real-time quantitative assessment of the workload of personnel, and then carry out scientific and effective performance management.

3. Inpatient management -- Medical staff receive inspection tasks, receive and confirm drugs through medical PDA. After arriving at the ward, they scan the patient's wrist band to confirm that the patient's identity matches the drugs. It is convenient for patients to track their condition and doctors to check their medical records.

4. Inspection -- the inspection personnel scan the barcode on the specimen container through PDA, pull up the patient information sheet, check whether the inspection items are consistent with the inspection application, and input the test results. Effectively avoid the problem of checking wrong items or using wrong containers.

5. Surgery -- Before surgery, medical staff scan the barcode of the patient's wrist band through medical PDA to confirm the patient's identity; At the same time, the bar code of hospital bed was scanned to check the patient's electronic operation sheet and confirm the operation information. The surgical staff scanned the surgical equipment through the medical PDA, checked with the patient and the surgical information, and sent it to the operating room. The operation information was recorded and the equipment was checked by medical PDA after operation.


With the support of the Medical PDA , medical staff can easily achieve:

1. Improve the work efficiency of all departments -- the cooperation of all departments is enhanced, the work efficiency is significantly improved, and the personnel management is more standardized and transparent.

2. Reduce the work intensity of nursing staff -- PDA application, so that nursing staff can deal with the patient's diagnosis and treatment information anytime and anywhere, reduce the work intensity, provide work efficiency;

3. Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of data -- the way of reading and recording through PDA makes medical behavior safer and more reliable.

There are many kinds of PDA on the market, shooting pixel, appearance size, fingerprint module, communication mode, NFC configuration specifications are not the same, the price is also varied, this situation makes consumers confused, do not know where to buy, buy which kind of good. For users in the medical industry, it is very important to choose the key points of PDA.


Yanzeo SR1000 can meet the medical needs and help the medical cause to develop better. The use of highly compatible customized Android system, which can facilitate the development of the medical industry.

This paper briefly introduces what is a medical PDA, hoping to provide you with help. If you want to buy a medical PDA, please feel free  to contact us.

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