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Barcode Scanning Platform Payment Makes Checkout Easier

Barcode Scanning Platform Payment Makes Checkout Easier

Aug 11,2022

In recent years, with the popularity of scanning code payment, barcode scanners have gradually penetrated into all walks of life. Different industries may have different performance requirements for barcode scanners. So how do we match the right scanners for different industries? Generally speaking, we should select models according to industry usage habits, actual needs and budget conditions.

Convenience for customers has always been a core concept in the retail industry. The survey found that 15% of shoppers who waited one minute would leave a convenience store. Because the quantity of items purchased is usually small, consumers are reluctant to wait in long lines to pay, so they need faster and more efficient payment at the checkout.

While self-checkout terminals are increasing, there is still a need to retain cashiers, and offering traditional checkout services will increase human-to-human interaction, thereby bringing customers closer to brands and stores. Additionally, there are upsell or cross-sell opportunities to increase operating income.


With limited space, modern and convenient checkout solutions require a small and ergonomic design to provide quality service. Flexibility is at the core, and modern equipment should be able to perform multiple functions throughout the store.

In order to meet diversified settlement needs, our company provides a variety of technical solutions, such as 1D/2D scanning platform, image scanning platform, handheld barcode scanner, PDA, etc. We recommend a new barcode scanning platform of our company, which supports scanning 1D/2D barcodes, mobile phone screen payment codes, etc. Fast read rates and powerful performance. This model supports RS-232 PC interface, which is plug and play, durable, and has good cost performance. It is very suitable for applications in supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas and other scenarios.

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