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Application of RFID Technology in Animal Husbandry Industry

Application of RFID Technology in Animal Husbandry Industry

Aug 9,2022
With the development of RFID technology, its application has become more and more extensive. For my country, as a big agricultural country, animal husbandry products occupy an important position in national life, both now and in the future. From the perspective of animal breeding management, the management of animal epidemics is very important. For example, the African swine fever incident that was raging some time ago was undoubtedly a loss event for many farms. It is closely related, and national security and safety are the goals of my country's social stability from ancient times to the present.
System performance advantages of RFID in animal husbandry management
The livestock management system based on RFID technology has the following advantages:
1. The inductive data collection is adopted, that is, the current information can be read out by simply shaking the ear tag attachment of the collector at the inspection point, which is simple and convenient to operate.
2. The ear tag does not need wiring, the installation is simple, and the setting of the code and the increase or decrease of the inspection point are also simple and convenient.
3. The system label has a unique ID code, which is durable, and the information cannot be tampered with or copied.
4. Carry out intelligent tracking and management of each animal, and the source animal can be traced at the first time of the outbreak, so as to achieve timely prevention and control, trace the source, and minimize the loss of animals.
5. Information management is transparent and timely, managers at all levels can simply manage through the network, and quickly query various feeding information.
RFID technology livestock farm management - stand out
For animal husbandry, our country seeks and formulates corresponding policies and adopts various means to strengthen animal management in animal husbandry and business. Strengthening the control and supervision of animal diseases and their epidemic prevention not only simplifies the management process of livestock farms but also strengthens the guarantee of food safety for consumers.
Modern livestock farm management has appeared on major farms. Livestock wears RFID ear tags from birth, and through RFID readers, the information is read and fed back to the RFID system. By using RFID technology, the system's identification of animals is greatly improved. It is suitable for animals in various breeding farms, whether it is centralized or decentralized, or on other breeding occasions, and there have been some attempts to provide scientific and automated management for livestock farm management.
RFID technology livestock farm management - up-and-coming
From traditional livestock farm management to RFID technology management, it reflects a process in which technology changes the state of breeding. In traditional animal husbandry management, it is impossible to know the epidemic situation of animals in time, resulting in a large number of livestock deaths and huge losses. At the same time, artificial feeding consumes a lot of manpower and material resources.

After the introduction of RFID technology into farm management in recent years, these problems have been gradually solved, and the timely understanding of animal species, epidemic situations and quantity has improved management efficiency and enhanced the survival rate of animals, which has gradually attracted the attention of farm people. RFID technology is also constantly improving, and it may completely replace the traditional management methods of livestock farms.
RFID animal ear identification reader - moving forward
Under the RFID technology, RFID animal ear tags and RFID animal ear identification readers are gradually being used by major breeding farms. , access control, automatic feeding stations and other automation equipment, and animal tracking management. Bringing a new experience to livestock farms, RFID technology has begun to fully empower.
RFID animal tags - a small test
For RFID technology management of livestock farms, RFID ear tags and their RFID ear tag readers are the most closely automated management of fish and livestock farms. They have become the focus of livestock farm management, and have received the attention of livestock managers. .
RFID technology - ready to go
With the popularity of RFID technology, it has been applied in the fields of industry, medical care, asset management, etc., gradually extending its tentacles to animal husbandry management. In animal management, it has become mature RFID technology, hoarding energy, and is ready to go.
In animal husbandry management, combined with RFID technology, with RFID tags as the carrier and current computer network technology as the means, through identification coding, identification wearing, identification, information input and transmission, data analysis and query, the realization of livestock from birth to slaughter the integrated whole-process monitoring from consumption to consumption is an organic combination of animal breeding. 

Epidemic prevention, quarantine, and supervision, not only achieve rapid and accurate traceability of animal epidemics but also strengthens the whole-process management of livestock and poultry products from farm to table. , so as to realize the scientific and institutionalization of animal husbandry and improve the level of animal husbandry management. Therefore, the application of RFID technology in animal husbandry management has great prospects. In the near future, it will fully cover the animal husbandry industry and open a window for animal husbandry.

The above briefly introduces the application and development of RFID technology in animal husbandry. If you want to buy RFID readers or tags for your farm, please contact us.

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