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Handheld Mobile Terminals VS Barcode Scanners

Handheld Mobile Terminals VS Barcode Scanners

Aug 16,2022

The main difference between barcode handheld mobile terminals and barcode scanners is that RFID handheld terminals can not only read barcodes, but also remotely read RFID electronic tags through radio frequency technology, and have the function of reading multiple tags at the same time. Although both RFID and barcode technology can be used to collect information on items, RFID handsets are more efficient during operation, and RFID electronic tags are unique and prevent theft and smuggling.

1 The hardware design is different
Barcode scanners are primarily used as input devices connected to a computer. Therefore, the hardware facilities are mainly based on the scan head and scan engine modules. A handheld terminal, also known as a handheld PDA or barcode data acquisition terminal, is a data acquisition and processing tool with an operating system that can run independently.

2 Different properties
There is a big difference in performance due to different hardware. The barcode scanning function of the handheld terminal is just one of them. It can have other functions such as RFID, NFC, temperature measurement, positioning, etc.


3 Different scopes of use
Barcode scanners are mostly used in the warehousing links of supermarket cashiers or warehouse logistics, and the scope of use is limited. Handheld terminals can not only be used in this link, but also have great advantages in other links. The handheld terminal can replace the scanning gun to work outdoors.

4 different prices
Because of different equipment, the price varies greatly, but it is also relative. The barcode scanning handheld terminal is an inevitable trend of the development of the Internet of Things, and it may replace the barcode scanning gun as the main data acquisition device. However, in the current situation, due to the different needs of various industries, barcode scanners and handheld terminals are used in an orderly and non-distracting manner.


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