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Factors Affecting Barcode Scanners Not Recognizing Barcodes

Factors Affecting Barcode Scanners Not Recognizing Barcodes

May 26,2022
The barcode is divided into five grades: A, B, C, D, E, and F. Among them, the A-grade marks are of the highest quality, and the F-grade marks are the lowest. Generally, barcode scanners are harder to read. What is the reason why the barcode scanner cannot read the barcode? The main factors for you are as follows:

1. The barcode information density is too high and the printer resolution is low, resulting in unclear printed barcodes.

2. The quality of the ribbon is not good, resulting in blurred barcode printing, easy to erase, resulting in incomplete barcode information, and cannot be scanned

3. The barcode mask is made of transparent material, and the reflection is too high. Although the barcode can be seen with the naked eye, the barcode scanner has strict reading conditions and cannot be read.

4. The choice of a printing barcode system is unreasonable

5. Barcode scanner hardware failure

6. Do not turn on the function of reading this barcode.

7. In direct sunlight, the photosensitive device enters the saturation region.

8. The quality of the scanning head of the barcode scanner is too poor to read the barcode

9. The scanning angle is not well grasped, and the vertical scanning is wrong. (Due to the reflection on the surface of the barcode, the reflected light shines on the mirror of the scanner window, which interferes with the normal decoding of the scanner.) The correct scanning angle should also be scanned, and the inclined angle of the barcode should be within 30 degrees).

10. The scanner does not support scanning barcode types. For example, many barcodes only support reading one-dimensional barcodes but do not support reading two-dimensional barcodes.

11. The line drive of the machine is incorrect, you can pull out the line of the scanner gun and reinsert it into the computer interface.

12. The barcode cannot be scanned. For example, printing barcode labels will make scanning difficult to identify. Generally, it is better to choose a barcode printer!

13. The scanning distance is too far or too close, beyond the readable range of the scanning gun (the reading range of the infrared scanning gun is about 2CM, and the normal barcode distance of the laser scanning gun should be between 6-25CM)

The above describes the factors that affect the barcode scanner not being able to recognize the barcode. If you want to know more or want to buy a barcode scanner, please contact us.

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