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What Kind of Light is Used in Barcode Readers?

What Kind of Light is Used in Barcode Readers?

May 21,2022
Most establishments that sell products and services use barcode scanners when processing payments. Barcode scanners are one of the most common and important machines in doing business today. Did you know that different scanners use different types of light? It's important to understand the components of a barcode scanner, especially the type of light it uses, so you can understand how it works you can provide proper care and maintenance.

Infrared radiation

Infrared is electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than visible light. They are often used in barcode scanners because of their ease of use. Here are some features:

Easier to read with lighting. This means the imager can read the code without flashing bright red or white lights. It will not distract users and customers, nor will it be annoying.

It compensates for unpleasant and uncertain ambient lighting. A barcode scanner that uses infrared does not require good lighting because it uses its own infrared light source to provide enough light for the item being scanned so that the scanner can read the code. It doesn't matter if the room is dark or well lit. Barcode scanners can work either way. The scan will work regardless of the lighting in the room.

It controls the lighting of the barcode. Institutions using infrared barcode scanners are often equipped with infrared penetration windows that ignore other light changes. This means you have more control over how your scanned objects are illuminated on the imager.


Laser or moving beam scanners use laser rays to read codes on items. It works by having a constantly moving beam element, such as a rotating polygonal oscillating mirror, a hologram, or a microelectromechanical system (MEMS). 

Most laser scanners have a scan speed of at least 40 seconds. Today, most laser scanners can scan items in an instant. It's fast and reliable and very popular with grocery stores and malls.

LED lights

CCD scanners use LED lights, also known as charge-coupled devices or non-laser imaging/illumination. The barcode reader is equipped with hundreds of tiny light sensors and an LED-based illumination source. LED-based illuminated scanners inspired by the new digital photography industry.

This is a more efficient and affordable option for barcode scanners. As a result, LED scanners are gaining popularity today and are expected to become the industry standard in the coming years. As a business owner, you must keep your operations running quickly and smoothly by providing the latest and most efficient technology the industry has to offer. Technological innovations help ease the workload of employees and reduce human error.

Technology can help and assist your business so you can reduce labor costs and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Always keep an open mind when it comes to new innovations. Educate yourself and adapt to change. Learn about your company's strengths and areas for improvement. Use technology to enhance your products and services. If you plan to buy a barcode scanner, please contact us.

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