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The application of modern logistics RFID parcel face list

The application of modern logistics RFID parcel face list

March 31,2022
  • After going through the stage of large-scale growth, the logistics industry has gradually entered a stage of stable development, and has begun to pay more attention to the improvement of efficiency, the reduction of costs and the improvement of service quality. As the foundation and an important part of the realization of smart logistics, smart logistics guarantees the development and upgrading of smart logistics from the technical level. The entire logistics industry chain is undergoing intelligent and unmanned innovation. The coordinated operation of logistics technology represented by intelligent warehousing, logistics autonomous driving, and logistics drones promotes the efficient operation of the logistics network.
  • Under the demand of logistics intelligence, accurate, efficient and reliable identification of parcels, goods and commodities is an important basis for modern logistics intelligence. The use of RFID technology has become the main technical means of intelligent identification of modern logistics.
  • The application of RFID in logistics is divided into two mainstream application scenarios according to different business forms: express parcel logistics and e-commerce warehousing logistics
  • n the two most representative logistics formats of RFID application, the back-end sorting, transportation, distribution and other business processes are basically the same. ”, while the front-end of e-commerce warehousing and logistics consists of “order-receiving-warehouse picking-sorting-transportation”, and e-commerce warehousing has more prominent needs in warehouse intelligent inventory, automatic identification of inbound and outbound warehouses, and verification.
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  • As the most commonly used package label with huge consumption, the use of RFID technology is a magic weapon to improve the overall sorting efficiency.
  • In the automatic identification requirements of intelligent logistics, the core requirements of logistics enterprises for RFID are ultra-low cost and high identification accuracy. Most express logistics companies fully use RFID technology for package management, sorting, warehousing and tracking. The core of efficient identification of express parcels in logistics is sorting and identification. The efficiency of logistics enterprises is increasing, the high-speed sorting lines are getting faster and faster, the line speed is constantly improving, and the distance between packages is shrinking less and less.

  • As a booming modern logistics system, e-commerce warehousing logistics has similar requirements for automatic identification as express parcels. In addition to sorting requirements, it pays more attention to automatic and efficient identification of post-sorting verification (pallets, cages) and loading verification.
  • Therefore, the market requires RFID tags to have extremely high sensitivity, and also requires RFID tags to have more stable reading performance in all directions when passing through the collection device, which is what we often call "omnidirectional tags". The reader requires higher frequency identification and data collection capabilities to provide enough data samples to judge the order of the packages and the abnormality of the packages.

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