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RFID products quickly improve the efficiency of inventory of fixed assets and equipment

RFID products quickly improve the efficiency of inventory of fixed assets and equipment

Mar 30,2022
  • RFID technology advantages RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology, and its basic principle is electromagnetic theory. Compared with the traditional barcode, magnetic card, IC card identification methods, RFID has the advantages of identifying multiple electronic tags at one time, fast efficiency, accurate collection, strong penetrating ability, long-distance identification and collection, and not easy to be damaged. Automatic data collection, to achieve rapid inventory effect, is currently very mature in the application of fixed asset management.
  • RFID hardware product application In fixed asset management, the application of UHF RFID hardware can greatly improve its inventory efficiency. The handheld reader is used for asset inventory, which can quickly read the electronic tag information on the device, and pass the read tag information through the built-in The communication method is sent to the background server for processing. The fixed reader is used for access control, and the antenna adopts a circularly polarized antenna, which can ensure multi-angle tag identification. After the completion of the asset addition, allocation, inventory, idle, maintenance, scrap and other full life cycle management, to achieve automatic asset management.

  • RFID handheld inventory The use of RFID technology to inventory assets and equipment makes the original heavy and tedious inventory work a simple and fast job. The asset equipment management system issues an inventory instruction, and the management personnel complete the inventory operation according to the inventory work order received by the handheld terminal. First, read the asset storage location to be inventoryed, obtain all the asset information stored in this location, and use the handheld device to verify the location. Set the status of the assets, and generate the inventory results on the spot to complete the inventory operation of a storage location.
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  • RFID access control inventory and anti-theft: When the asset equipment needs to be released from the warehouse, the warehouse order is first issued through the asset equipment management system. After the manager uses the handheld terminal to receive the asset release work order, the storage information of the asset is automatically obtained according to the background data. The manager locates the location where the assets are stored according to the prompt information on the mobile terminal, and then scans and confirms it through the mobile terminal. Read the RFID tag information and storage location tag information of the asset respectively to complete the outbound picking operation.

  • Compared with barcode and QR code tracking, the advantages of RFID non-contact long-distance identification are more obvious, personnel operation is more convenient and quick, inventory work is more accurate, the inventory cycle can be greatly reduced, and the workload of asset management can be significantly reduced.

  • When the assets and equipment are out of the warehouse, the RFID fixed reader will automatically scan and identify, record the out-of-warehouse time, and at the same time detect whether there is an illegal out-of-warehouse situation, reducing the probability of loss of assets and equipment.

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