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What Are the Different Types of Barcode Scanners?

What Are the Different Types of Barcode Scanners?

March 24,2022
There are many types of stationary and mobile scanners today, the ones we will discuss are laser scanners, image scanners, 2D area imagers, CCD barcode scanners, and pen readers/barcode sticks. Read on for the barcode scanner buying guide below to determine which type and format are best for you.

1. Laser Scanner

Laser scanners are one of the high-tech tools used for barcode reading. In this type of scanner, a laser is used as light reflected through a series of mirrors or prisms that read the barcode.

Laser scanners are designed to read linear 1D barcodes and can read anywhere from 6 inches to 2 feet away. As a result, laser scanners consist of multiple internal glasses or plastic parts that move with each scan - making laser scanners more prone to damage than image scanners. Aside from the laser factor, this type of barcode scanner functions similarly to a pen reader.

2. Image Scanner

Image-based barcode scanners use a tiny digital camera to capture an image of the barcode. The captured images are then scanned and read by a connected computer system for inventory purposes. Typical image scanners can only read barcodes from a distance of a few inches.

Image scanners are less susceptible to shock damage than laser scanners due to the simplicity of the camera-based internal mechanism. Like laser scanners, image scanners are only used to read 1D barcodes.

3. 2D Area Imager

2D image scanners are very similar to regular image scanners, except that 2D can scan all types of barcodes (1D, 2D, and stacked). Barcodes are easier to read with a 2D imager because barcodes can pass through the scanner in any position, whether vertically, horizontally, face-up, or upside down.

Using lasers and conventional image scanners, barcodes can only be read when placed horizontally on the catching eye. As a result, items can be scanned faster and easier than with a 2D imager. As a result, 2D imagers allow businesses of all types to speed up processes and expand the range of barcode options.

4. CCD Barcode Scanner

Charge-coupled device (CCD) barcode scanners feature an array of tiny sensors in front of the reader. A CCD scanner generates waveforms that correspond to specific bars and spaces, and this information is decoded within the scanner and sent to a computer system. Laser and pen scanners measure the frequency of light reflected within the scanner, while CCD scanners measure ambient light emitted by barcodes.

5. Pen Readers and Barcode Sticks

In pen or stick barcode readers, the tip is equipped with a light source and a photodiode. By dragging the tip over the barcode, a waveform related to a specific space and bar width is generated, and this information is decoded and entered into a computer system.

Barcode scanners are suitable for various scenarios and provide a lot of convenience for our lives. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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