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RFID Identification Technology Brings Relocation Into The Information Age

RFID Identification Technology Brings Relocation Into The Information Age

Issue Time:2022/03/03
  • RFID Identification Technology Brings Relocation Into The Information Age

  • With the advent of the information age, devices powered by big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, 5G and other technologies are becoming more and more popular, also more and more industries are becoming more intelligent.

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  • RFID Technology Relocation

  • 1.Real-time delivery of data through RFID technology
  • Customers can view the relocation progress, relocation data and other related information in real time through the application system, which improves the customer service experience.
  • 2. Print Labels To Avoid Blurred Handwriting
  • Traditional labels have blurred label information due to various inevitable factors. Printing chip labels can better protect the information marked on items.
  • 3.Convenient Query, Improve Service Experience
  • The mobile phone can check the delivery location at any time, and the customer can keep abreast of the relocation progress, which is very convenient and improves the customer service experience.
  • 4.Relocation Training To Improve Service Professionalism
  • Before the relocation, professional training is provided to employees, the relocation requirements emphasized by customers are explained, and an orderly division of labor is carried out. In this way, the safety of relocation of items can be ensured, and the relocation efficiency can be improved.
  • Traditional Relocation

  • 1.First Record each item, pack and mark it by yourself, then the customer will conduct data statistics, and then hand it over to the relocation company for relocation. Such a traditional relocation method adds unnecessary workflow, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It is also prone to omissions during manual recording, making data control less accurate.
  • 2.The customer should coordinate with the handling personnel to count the items and update the item data in real time.
  • 3.After traditional relocation, you need to find and classify the items again, which greatly increases the time cost, and there may be cases where the items cannot be found.
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