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What Are the Application Scenarios of RFID Technology in Smart Cities?

What Are the Application Scenarios of RFID Technology in Smart Cities?

Nov 30,2021
specific application examples of RFID technology in smart cities
In smart cities, many places use information technology such as radio frequency identification, NFC, and wireless networks. Radiofrequency identification technology is one of the most important methods for data collection in smart cities. YANZEO shared the following specific application examples of RFID technology in smart cities.

RFID Smart Construction Site-Building an RFID Smart Construction Site

With the rapid development of urban construction, the control methods of construction sites have been continuously optimized, and more effective information-based construction methods have received special attention from relevant organizations.

Therefore, the combination of radio frequency identification and engineering construction is becoming more and more common, making it possible to automate the construction process and collect real-time precise data.

An RFID chip is attached to the inside of the helmet, and the identity information and location information of the construction personnel will be recorded. Through the entire intelligent management system, data support for labor dispatch and safety management can be provided, which can greatly improve the efficiency of construction work.

In addition, by being equipped with radio frequency identification technology, it is possible to track and manage building materials such as steel plates and steel parts and build an intelligent website platform for real-time dynamic collection.

In recent years, with the development of multiple technologies, the combined use of radio frequency identification with BIM, sensing, GIS, AR/VR, and other technologies has been used more and more in construction scenarios, and radio frequency identification has played an important role in more and more parts.

RFID Electronic License Plate-Solving Urban Traffic Dilemma

As the increasing number of cars, road congestion, traffic violations, and other problems are common in daily life. In the face of huge traffic pressure, urban vehicle management problems have become increasingly prominent, and more and more cities have begun to promote the popularization of radio frequency identification technology in traffic management.

In order to solve the severe urban traffic problems, the transportation department began to promote the popularization of electronic license plates. The radio frequency identification electronic license plate overcomes the bottleneck of the existing traffic information collection technology, realizes the classified collection and accurate collection of vehicle traffic information, and realizes the precise management of vehicles.

Electronic license plates can be used in commercial applications such as traffic management, intra-city traffic management, environmental restrictions, road planning support, and automobile micropayments.

In the near future, automobiles will gradually use electronic license plates with electronic tags, and the management method based on electronic license plates will also be further developed.

RFID Medical Bracelet-Promoting Medical Informatization in Multiple Scenarios of Radio Frequency Identification

Since the beginning of 2020, the new coronavirus epidemic has been raging around the world, not only causing a large number of infection casualties and huge economic losses, but also severely impacting the medical systems of countries around the world, and people are increasingly calling for the construction of more efficient digital medical care.

RFID smart medical care uses advanced Internet of Things technology to realize the interconnection and intercommunication between patients and medical staff, medical institutions, and medical equipment, and achieve a higher level of informatization.

Radiofrequency identification is widely used in medical solutions. For example, a radio frequency identification bracelet can be used to identify patient identity information. Use radio frequency identification to track and manage medical waste, prevent the spread of viral infections in medical devices, and track and manage drugs to prevent the proliferation of counterfeit drugs.

The use of radio frequency identification technology in the medical industry can improve the medical operation process, improve the quality of medical care, and at the same time improve the efficiency and accuracy of medical work, protect the lives of patients, and reduce the occurrence of medical disputes.

With the development of related technologies, comprehensive data sharing will become one of the main trends in the medical industry, and hospitals can also easily realize effective monitoring of disease trends.

RFID Smart Warehousing-radio Frequency Identification to Establish a More Effective Logistics System

In recent years, the rapid rise of the online shopping lifestyle has led to a rapid increase in the scale of logistics year by year, and the inefficient operation of the existing logistics system has been difficult to continue.

There is a high degree of applicability between RFID technology and logistics solutions. In the daily management of the warehouse, the freight manager can use radio frequency identification technology to immediately collect information such as the source, whereabouts, and inventory quantity of the goods, which greatly improves the efficiency of inventory supply and the efficiency of goods turnover.

In the distribution process, the use of radio frequency identification technology to collect logistics, information flow, and capital flow in a timely manner reduces the error rate of goods distribution and greatly improves the efficiency of distribution. Due to the large scale of logistics, the efficiency of the introduction of radio frequency identification has improved significantly, and radio frequency identification can still explore many innovations in the logistics field.

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