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What Are the Applications of RFID Technology in the Apparel Industry?

What Are the Applications of RFID Technology in the Apparel Industry?

Nov 26,2021
the application of RFID technology in the apparel industry
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is used in all aspects of the clothing industry, such as production, distribution, and retail. Unlike other ID identification technologies, RFID technology allows multiple tags to be read at the same time, and each tag of clothing can be tracked by the system. RFID technology can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of product inventory and packaging in the circulation links such as production and various distribution and distribution.

RFID technology also eliminates human error factors and does not require visual reading, which simplifies inventory management, so that pallets, packaging boxes, and single items in the warehouse can be easily and quickly located, searched, and searched through the system. use. The following are the main application links of RFID in clothing.

RFID (electronic label, radio frequency identification) technology is used in various links such as production, distribution, and retail in the clothing industry.

Production Processes

Attach the RFID electronic tag that meets the ISO15693 standard to the clothing, and the RFID electronic tag can store the natural attribute data of the clothing such as name, grade, size, color, material composition, etc. For customized clothing, the RFID electronic tag can also be used as a process card to achieve "flexible" customized clothing production.

Product Tracking Management

Real-time monitoring and management of automated garment production. Through the reading and writing and identification of electronic tags carried on garments that flow through each production process, the entire enterprise garment production management process can be dynamically monitored in real-time.

This includes the execution and completion of each batch of orders, clothing production progress tracking and control, clothing production quality inspection control, worker piece-rate wage calculation, etc. Implement dynamic and automatic product production management and quality control. This can be perfectly integrated with the garment production management system, and significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Anti-counterfeiting and Anti-crossing of Brand Clothing

In the clothing production process, some important attributes of a single piece of clothing are written into the corresponding electronic tags using RFID readers, and the electronic tags are attached to the clothing.

In this way, each piece of clothing is given a unique electronic tag identification that is difficult to forge, which can effectively avoid the behavior of counterfeiting clothing, and well solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting and anti-crossing of brand clothing.

Attachment methods of electronic tags: implanted in clothing; made into nameplates or hangtags; adopted recyclable anti-theft hard tags, etc.

Automated Warehouse Management

In the warehouse management of factories, distribution centers, and retail stores, the non-visual reading and multi-tag simultaneous reading features of RFID technology are used. The RFID reader completes accurate reading at one time, which greatly improves logistics efficiency.

This can quickly and accurately realize the management of procurement control, multi-database collaborative operation warehouse receiving and dispatching operations, first-in-first-out, out of stock alarm, unsalable goods statistics, sales statistics, broken code analysis, commodity allocation, return and exchange control.

Anti-theft Management

Attaching EAS with RFID technology to clothing products, if a thief steals multiple products at the same time, the system will know at a glance how much clothing the thief has stolen and what clothing it is. EAS using RFID technology can better solve the problem of theft of goods in stores.

Quick Search for Goods

A very important function of using RFID technology in stores is to realize non-contact quick search of goods, timely deliver the goods needed by customers to the hands of customers, to avoid the loss of sales opportunities due to artificial "out of stock", thereby increasing sales revenue. Fast settlement retail stores using RFID technology can also achieve fast settlement such as POS.

Design of RFID Intelligent Management System for Clothing Store

Deploy corresponding RFID hardware equipment based on the network operating environment of the RFID intelligent management system of clothing stores. It is used to identify, track, and protect all the information of clothing, and realize the functions of inventory through the RFID system. The goal is to greatly improve the efficiency of store data processing.

1. Simplify the Existing Process of the Store Sales Process

Although a barcode scanning system is introduced, it still needs to manually find the position of the barcode before scanning the barcode. Such an operation process is still relatively cumbersome and the sales efficiency is relatively low. At the same time, the barcode is easy to break, and it often happens that the barcode cannot be read and the barcode needs to be replaced.

This will not only affect the efficiency of sales but also affect the consumer's satisfaction with the brand. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce advanced RFID reading and writing technology to realize automated store processes, improve the safety of information storage, increase the reliability of information reading and writing, and increase the speed of sales.

2. Significantly Reduce the Workload of Clothing Inventory and Search

Relying on manual clothing inventory work, especially in small warehouses, has a large workload and low efficiency. The clerk needs to classify, place and record the clothing based on his own memory in inventorying the warehouse, which is time-consuming and difficult to achieve. It is necessary to introduce advanced clothing inventory tools and methods to realize the automation of clothing inventory.

3. Improve the Safety and Reliability of the Store's Anti-theft System

The existing clothing anti-theft system has low accuracy of the magnetic stripe anti-theft system and the magnetic properties of the magnetic stripe are easily weakened, so the probability of false alarms and false alarms is relatively high. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the existing RFID anti-theft system and adopt more reliable anti-theft technology.

4. Improve Job Satisfaction of Store Staff

Because of the repetitive work of the store staff over the years and the heavy work of the small warehouse itself, it is easy for the store staff to have certain negative thoughts about the work. Due to management deficiencies, store managers are also troubled by the management of the store, resulting in a decrease in-store staff’s satisfaction with the store’s work.

Through the technical transformation of the store management system, technical means can be used to make up for the shortcomings in management, and at the same time free the staff from the daily heavy and repetitive work of the store.

RFID technology can solve many problems in the apparel industry, making management more effective and efficient. As an expert in RFID technology for many years, YANZEO can provide you with some professional solutions.

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