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RFID tag system launched in all public libraries in Hawaii

RFID tag system launched in all public libraries in Hawaii

Apr 8,2024
The official public library of Hawaii announced for the first time in a press release on Wednesday that the state's public library has adopted new technology to make borrowing materials faster and more convenient. "We can now lend out piles of books, CDs, DVDs, and other materials at once instead of borrowing them individually, which will greatly accelerate the speed of books entering and exiting the library," said Stacy A. Aldrich, the director of the State Library, in a statement on Wednesday.

According to the announcement, the system uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags instead of scanning individual barcodes. The installation of the entire system took about a year, costing $3 million, and was funded by the state legislature in 2022.
The launch of the RFID borrowing system in all public libraries in Hawaii marks an important step in the technology and services of public libraries in Hawaii. In the library borrowing system, RFID technology can achieve fast and accurate book borrowing and returning, providing readers with more convenient services:

Firstly, readers can complete the borrowing and returning process more quickly, reducing the waiting time in queues.
Secondly, the RFID borrowing system can automatically record borrowing and returning information of books, facilitating library management and circulation statistics.
In addition, RFID technology can also help libraries achieve precise book positioning, improve book search efficiency, and provide readers with more accurate book recommendation services.

For the Hawaiian Public Library, launching the RFID borrowing system is also an important upgrade. This not only improves the management efficiency and service level of the library, but also demonstrates the active exploration of the library in digitalization and intelligence. Meanwhile, through the RFID borrowing system, libraries can better understand the borrowing needs and reading habits of readers, providing data support for future book procurement and service optimization.

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