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How can RFID play its role in power emergency repair after extremely heavy rainstorm

How can RFID play its role in power emergency repair after extremely heavy rainstorm

Sep 15,2023

Influenced by the residual circulation of typhoon "sea anemone", monsoon and weak cold air, a super historical extremely heavy rainstorm occurred in Shenzhen from the evening of September 7 to the morning of September 8, with the characteristics of "super strong intensity, super long duration and super wide range of heavy rainfall". As of 14:00 on the 8th, the rainfall in Shenzhen has broken seven historical extremes since the meteorological records began in 1952. Many areas have been severely affected, and some areas have experienced power outages. Electricity plays a crucial role in people's work and life, so the power department immediately carried out power supply repair. Next, let's learn how RFID can play its role in power repair.


 Quickly locate faulty cables

 Nowadays, many cables have been equipped with buried RFID tags for information management. Buried tags are used for digital electronic identification of cable channels, achieving precise positioning, searching, identification of underground facilities, and judgment of cable routing. Usually buried underground along with the cable (due to the harsh environment, low-frequency RFID tags with good anti-interference are used). In practical operation, a buried label is usually installed near the manhole cover, and then the next one is installed every 50 meters. This type of label has a high level of protection (can meet the requirements of reliable recognition in water, plastic, soil, cement, asphalt and other media environments), and has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, and long service life.

 When conducting cable fault repair in power supply companies, through the RFID based cable lean platform, staff can quickly identify suspected fault points based on the fault cable section analysis information, thereby shortening the cable fault repair time and improving repair efficiency.

 Efficient positioning of faulty power poles

 In the past two years, leading companies in the industry have developed ultra-high frequency RFID reader products specifically designed for RFID drone inspection services of power distribution towers. These products have the advantages of small size, light weight, and long recognition distance (by cooperating with specialized RFID bidirectional electronic tags, the recognition distance can reach 18 meters). By combining RFID and drones, the location of faulty poles and towers can be quickly and accurately located (some drones can also take photos of faulty poles and send them back to the backend), greatly improving the intelligence level and emergency repair efficiency of power repair.


 Improve the management level of construction equipment on power emergency repair sites

 At the power repair site, when the repair task is relatively complex and the repair time is relatively long, sometimes there may be situations where power tools and instruments are lost. Later, the power department introduced RFID for intelligent management to help develop a highly localized and highly aware full process digital management solution. In addition, using RFID technology, the power grid company has achieved cross departmental business collaboration and strengthened its ability to control the entire infrastructure process.

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