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Application of RFID in Anti-counterfeiting

Application of RFID in Anti-counterfeiting

Aug 8,2023

We often hear the anti-counterfeit traceability system of RFID + two-dimensional code, RFID controls the raw materials in the production and breeding link, each process in the production and processing link, the whole box packaging in the logistics and transportation link, and the anti-counterfeiting traceability in the supply chain link. , and the QR code controls the small package and the traceability query of the end user, and performs various marketing empowerment. Then, how can the RFID anti-counterfeiting label be anti-counterfeiting?


The RFID electronic anti-counterfeiting label device is called a multi-frequency electronic tag, which is actually a small electronic device with radio frequency, which has non-contact reading capabilities and can simultaneously identify multiple RFID tags on one line. 

The working principle of RFID anti-counterfeiting technology is as follows: 

1. Identify the identity of a commodity by sending or receiving radio frequency signals in a radio frequency environment.


2. When the tag is in working condition, it sends a radio frequency signal to the reader to identify the product.


3. If the product is not activated when the reader issues the command, the product is identified as a legitimate product.


The difference between traditional anti-counterfeiting and RFID electronic anti-counterfeiting labels:

Generally, the traditional anti-counterfeiting means of printing anti-counterfeiting marks on the outer packaging of products has high cost and low efficiency, and cannot adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition. The RFID anti-counterfeiting label can be directly fixed on the product, and the content of the label can be stored in the mobile phone or computer through the anti-counterfeiting traceability system, combined with the two-dimensional code technology, it is easy to realize the market where consumers can check and manufacturers conduct anti-counterfeiting traceability and anti-smuggling goods control.

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