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Parking Lot Management System Based on RFID Technology

Parking Lot Management System Based on RFID Technology

Aug 5,2023
At present, many domestic parking lots are still in the original manual management stage, which has caused great trouble to both the car owners who need to park and the operators of the parking lot.

The Common Problems in the Parking Lot Now:

1. The manager has no idea how many parking spaces are still available in the venue, and can only rely on manual surveys;

2. After the car owner enters the parking lot, he cannot quickly and conveniently find a parking space that can be parked. He can only search for empty parking spaces in a disorderly manner in the parking lot.

3. After the car owner parks the car in an unfamiliar parking lot, finding a car has become another major problem for car owners;

4. A large number of full-time management personnel must be equipped to guide vehicles to park in the parking lot, which increases the management cost of the parking lot;

5. The manager cannot timely count the traffic flow in different time periods every day, and cannot optimize the allocation of parking space resources in time, resulting in a low utilization rate of the parking lot.

RFID Parking Lot Management Has the Following Functional Advantages:

1. High confidentiality: identification equipment and identification cards provide users with a unique identification code, which fundamentally eliminates duplication, forgery and cheating. In the system, each identification card has a unique identification code in the world, which cannot be recoded or modified. During the working process, the identification card generates a unique composite coded identification number, and the decoded composite signal sent back by the card must contain the correct card number encryption information, so as to achieve a high degree of confidentiality.

2. Recognition of fast-moving targets: Since the system has an effective distance of 10 meters between the identification card and the card reading system, it can recognize fast-moving objects. Such as a truck with a speed of 20-40 kilometers per hour.

3. High adaptability: The system has low requirements on the installation environment and can adapt to various environments from -30°C to +85°C.

4. Good security and anti-interference: it adopts broad-spectrum frequency hopping working mode, has super anti-interference ability, multi-target recognition, adopts anti-collision communication protocol, effective binary tree anti-collision mechanism, and is not subject to work. Limitation and impact on the number of tags in an area, up to 50 tags per second can be effectively read.

5. High degree of safety management: one card for one car, data archives, to ensure the safety of vehicles parked in the parking lot. Manual card issuance and card collection will inevitably have omissions, because there are no records to check at any time, and the phenomenon of lost cars or false reports of lost cars occurs from time to time, which brings a lot of trouble and economic losses to the parking lot. After adopting the automatic control management system, consumers of monthly rental cards and stored-value cards have recorded the corresponding information in the computer, and can reissue in time if the card is lost. Lost hourly rental cards can also be retrieved at any time and processed in a timely manner. At the same time, equipped with image comparison equipment, all kinds of parking cards have license plate numbers on file, one card is dedicated, if the license plate is wrong, the computer will prompt at any time and give a warning, and you are not allowed to leave the site.

6. Strict charge management: For the current manual cash charge method, on the one hand, it is labor-intensive and inefficient, and the other main drawback is that it causes a lot of financial loopholes and cash loss. After using the radio frequency intelligent parking lot management system, all vehicle charges are confirmed and counted by computer, which eliminates mistakes and cheating and protects the rights and interests of parking lot investors.


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