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Can RFID Read Multiple Tags Simultaneously?

Can RFID Read Multiple Tags Simultaneously?

Mar 23,2023

RFID readers and writers can simultaneously read multiple RFID tags, but they have different bias points when used in different frequency bands, such as low frequency, high frequency, and ultra high frequency. However, they can support remote reading, rapid identification, and multiple tag reading functions, and are also widely used in daily life, such as in warehousing, supply chain management, production line management, product information traceability management, and livestock breeding.


RFID frequencies and applications vary, and the number of tags read varies. Let's take a closer look.


Low frequency


The operating frequency is between 125KHZ-134KHZ and the wavelength is about 2500m. This frequency band has a slow data transmission rate and is not suitable for fast reading. It is mostly used in livestock breeding management, such as cattle counting and pig weight information collection. It is suitable for relatively uniform tag data reading and writing, and does not support rapid reading of large batches of tags.



High frequency


The working frequency is 13.56MHZ, and the wavelength is about 22m. The data transmission is relatively faster than the low frequency, and it can support multiple tag reading. In daily life, it is mainly used for card management, all-in-one card, conference check-in, electronic ticket, etc. The number of tags is generally read.




The operating frequency is between 860MHZ and 960MHZ, with a wavelength of about 30CM in this frequency band. It has a high data transmission rate and strong penetration. It can read a large number of electronic labels in a short time, and is suitable for inventory taking, fixed asset inventory, ETC vehicle management, etc. It can be imagined that when Decathlon pays the bill, all commodities will be put into the settlement box, and the display screen will automatically display all commodity data and prices; Including when Decathlon employees do inventory work every day, they will also use the UHF inventory machine to scan the goods for the purpose of rapid inventory.

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