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Intelligent Tools and Instruments Management Based on RFID Technology

Intelligent Tools and Instruments Management Based on RFID Technology

March 9,2023

In recent years, RFID based radio frequency identification technology has been applied more and more widely. RFID identification can work in a variety of harsh environments without human intervention. Compared with barcode, RFID technology can better achieve the effect of intelligent tool management. Based on RFID technology, the intelligent aviation maintenance tool management system is constructed to facilitate automatic and rapid access to various tools and equipment data, which can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of tool management, and realize information sharing between organizations and departments. At present, intelligent tools and instruments management based on RFID technology is mainly applied in the following scenarios:

1. The construction industry needs to use a large number of heavy machinery and vehicle equipment. How to shorten the maintenance cycle of vehicles is the concern of the construction industry managers. In addition, shortening the vehicle adjustment cycle can also promote vehicle sales. Whether it is a wrench worth 10 yuan or a fluid purity detector worth 20000 yuan, any kind of tool must be found in time when production needs it.
2. The working procedures on the oil platform are complex, and the tools needed are also complex. In order to ensure efficient productivity, it is very important to ensure that tools are available at any time when needed. Once a tool is lost, it must be stopped immediately, and the re-purchase of this tool must be started immediately. According to the statistics of the authoritative financial department, the losses caused by the shutdown are US $50000 per day for offshore platforms and US $500000 per day for deep-sea platforms, excluding the reduction of productivity. Even if lost tools are found later, tool rotation will incur costs. Therefore, the manager of drilling platform urgently needs a real-time tracking scheme of tool assets, which can avoid expensive tool loss and high tool replacement cost.

3. Airlines also use UHF RFID technology to improve production efficiency. From production tools, logistics containers to transported goods and other items are loaded with RFID tags, so that all tools and instruments are scanned into the database and updated in real time, and asset use, maintenance, handover and other information are recorded. These high-strength RFID anti-metal tags have stable reading and writing performance on metal assets, and can resist pollution and corrosive production environment. The RFID project of airlines helps them to efficiently manage various production equipment and tools, which can save millions of euros annually.
4. Management of tools and instruments for railway line maintenance. The tools and instruments for railway line maintenance have many types, different specifications, and scattered use occasions, which have always been difficult to manage. After installing RFID electronic tags for each tool and instrument, RFID UHF readers can be installed at the door of the warehouse to identify the incoming and outgoing tools and instruments and carry out authorization management, and UHF readers can also be installed on the construction vehicles to monitor the tools and instruments on the vehicles in real time, Realize how much to bring out and how much to bring back, as well as real-time reminding when tools and instruments are left.
5. The management of tools and instruments for the production of large equipment such as high-speed railway, ships, and large equipment. When a staff member carries many tools and instruments to each section for construction, it brings great difficulties to the management of tools and instruments. After the application of Honglu RFID reader and computer tools and instruments management vehicle, the management of tools and instruments becomes simple. The UHF reader and writer are installed in the tools and instruments vehicle to monitor the tools and instruments on the vehicle in real time, The display screen on the vehicle can display the type and quantity of tools and instruments in real time. The staff can open the drawer of the tool and instrument vehicle to take and place the tools and instruments as long as they swipe their cards, so as to prevent the tools and instruments from falling down and save the staff's time in tool and instrument management.

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