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RFID Solution--RFID warehouse management system

RFID Solution--RFID warehouse management system

Mar 3,2023

RFID Solution--RFID warehouse management system

System features

RFID has irreplaceable technical advantages due to its wireless real-time remote reading mode, large capacity, high-speed data processing capability and high degree of automation;

The data of goods and trucks can be checked and managed on the Internet in real time;

Virtual inventory tracking;

The system is easy to install and maintain;

Efficient and accurate data acquisition;

The system tracks people, goods, pallets, forklifts, trucks and other logistics links in real time;

All links and processes of logistics are monitored in real time.  


system composition

  1. Reader: The system uses fixed installation reader and handheld UHF RFID reader. The reader senses the tag through the antenna and reads the data information in the tag. The reading distance of the fixed-mounted reader to the label can reach within eight meters, while the reading distance of the handheld reader is about one meter.

2. Labels: There are various styles of labels, such as card type, credit card size, installed on trucks and containers, installed on pallets, goods and packages, and various packaging forms of labels, which can be targeted. Each label has a globally unique ID number. In practical applications, it is given the information of the installed objects and goods for identification, reading and recycling. The label can be easily attached and installed on the object to be identified.

3. Management software: the reader can directly access the port of the computer/handheld computer/notebook computer after acquiring a large amount of tag data, and automatically input it into the system database immediately, which is managed by the management software. The management software is the network version, which means that on any Internet computer in the world, the manager or user can check and manage the goods in real time and know the location of the truck. The information is uploaded to a common Internet platform, so that the visualization scene of end-to-end real-time movement of goods can be obtained.


System implementation

Warehousing and distribution management:

1. Card reader is installed in the passageway and entrance between the warehouses, so that when pallets, forklifts and goods with labels are installed into the reading area, they will be automatically identified, recorded and transferred to the system database for storage; In the background, when the goods leave the distribution center, the reader at the passage will read the information on the label and send it to the processing system to automatically generate the delivery list; After the truck arrives at the destination warehouse, the goods on the truck are automatically scanned directly by the reader at the receiving port, and the acceptance and verification can be completed quickly.

2. Labels are installed on trucks and pallets, and the management system can track the position of forklifts and pallets at any time. The reader is installed above the passageway where forklifts and pallets pass in and out of the warehouse. Each pallet is equipped with radio frequency tags. When the forklifts pass through with pallet goods, the reader enables the computer to know which pallet goods have passed. The system can deal with a large number of palletized goods daily, which can greatly improve efficiency and ensure the accuracy and reliability of cargo information.

3. Install labels on goods and packages, and the management system can track them in real time in each link and process of logistics through fixed installation readers and handheld readers, so as to facilitate inventory, search and comparison. It is convenient for stocktaking. The staff can clearly know whether the goods in the warehouse are expired and other storage conditions through the data collected and sorted by the system; To find goods, suppose we use the traditional method to find a certain piece of goods in a large number of stacked pallets, which requires a lot of work. With the RFID system, the search process becomes so simple. The staff can easily and accurately find the goods to be found by scanning the relevant area with a handheld reader. Because of the penetration of radio frequency, it is easy to find some small goods with labels in the depth of the package.


4. A reader is installed above the goods transmission belt. When the goods pass through the transmission belt, the system quickly obtains the information of the goods through the reader, and immediately transmits it to the computer for comparison with the original data in the system. RFID management system can completely abandon the traditional method of sorting goods using written documents, improve efficiency and save labor; It can not only quickly complete the storage and extraction of simple orders, but also conveniently realize the storage and extraction of complex goods according to the size of goods, the speed requirements of picking up goods, loading and unloading requirements, etc; Sorting workers can realize the automatic warehousing, outbound, packaging, loading and unloading of goods with simple operations, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves efficiency. The most important thing is that it can handle this process without error at high speed.

5. The staff or forklift driver can check the goods in the warehouse through the hand-held card reader for information collection and search, which is fast and convenient, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse inventory and goods inspection.


6. When the goods arrive at the destination, the staff can check the arrived goods very quickly with a hand-held card reader, and transfer them into the database for comparison. There will be no wrong recording or misrecording of the traditional records. Because the staff can sense the goods from a distance and accurately process 30 labels at the same time, the efficiency and accuracy of the work have been greatly improved.

7. The staff member carries a label, which will be tracked by the entrance and exit and the reader installed above the warehouse space when the staff member moves in the warehouse, and record the staff member's running time and track, so as to monitor the staff member's work conveniently and inspect the staff member's work efficiency.

8. RFID system is used for intelligent warehouse goods management. RFID fully and effectively solves the management of information related to goods flow in the warehouse. It not only increases the number of goods handled in a day, but also monitors all information of these goods. The information is stored in the central computer of the warehouse. When the goods are loaded and transported to other places, another reader will identify and tell the computing center which trailer it is placed on. In this way, the management center can know in real time how many goods have been processed and sent, and can automatically identify the goods and determine the location of the goods.

9. The simultaneous use of fixed-mounted readers and hand-held readers makes the on-site data collection, inventory, warehousing management, warehouse location inspection and other on-site operations clear, accurate, systematic and scientific.

10. Before leaving the warehouse, the truck will be automatically read and identified by the reader, and the obtained information will be automatically transferred to the background management system, which will immediately compare with the original data in the database. The system will automatically alarm to prevent the goods from leaving the warehouse and ensure the absolute accuracy of the goods transportation.

The implementation of this project will provide more technical advantages for the warehouse management scheme.

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