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Using RDID Technology to Track Individual Wine Bottles

Using RDID Technology to Track Individual Wine Bottles

December 17,2022

1 What is the RFID in Wine Bottles

All grape containers are equipped with four RFID tags each, which contain information on grape quantity, origin and grape variety. The grape containers are picked up by forklifts equipped with an RFID wide-range reader and equipped with an ENTIAC COM box and tablet.

When the grape containers are picked up, the RFID wide-range reader captures the labels and reads them out. The data read out is transmitted via WLAN to the warehouse control software via the COM box. The transport order and destination storage location of the respective wine container is retrieved and displayed on a tablet on the forklift. Each container is transported to a designated storage location in the winery. Manual recording and documentation of the grape containers, their contents and their storage locations is no longer necessary.

2 .What is the benefits of RFID  in Grape Wine?

Each grape container including grape quantity, origin and grape variety is precisely identified and tracked in the cellar warehouse

Driving orders and storage locations of each grape bin are quickly transmitted to forklift drivers

Workload for forklift drivers in warehouse logistics is reduced

Transports within the warehouse are controlled via a central software application

Each grape is assigned to the correct winemaking process

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