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How Barcode Scanning Can Improve Manufacturing?

How Barcode Scanning Can Improve Manufacturing?

Dec 16,2022
Barcode scanners
Barcode scanning has been around for decades, but its importance cannot be overstated. Without barcodes, manufacturers would be forced to rely entirely on employees to track inventory. Even if an employee is vigilant and reliable, he/she will still make mistakes. Barcode scanning allows companies to bypass many forms of human error.

Barcodes not only save companies from making mistakes, but they also allow manufacturing to run faster and more smoothly than would otherwise be possible. This article explores how barcodes can help manufacturing companies take their business to the next level with a simple scan.

Barcodes Make Everything Traceable in Manufacturing Systems

As products move from one organization to another or move throughout an industrial supply chain, it's important for companies to be able to track their whereabouts. It’s always good to know where a product is, where it’s going, and where it’s been. Barcode scanners make it very easy to track products or raw materials through barcodes. View product history and information on demand with just one scan of the barcode. Without barcodes, it is difficult to track products and easier to misplace.

It is also important to trace the product in case something needs to be recalled. If there are complaints about specific products, barcodes can be used to trace their exact origin and where other products may be located. Recalling items is already a painful process, no need to look for any mistakes - simple barcode scanning can greatly help the tracking of recalled products.

Speed Matters More Than Ever

E-commerce is growing by leaps and bounds every year. Customers are starting to look online before heading to the store, and sometimes it's easier to buy online. An important factor in deciding whether to buy online is the speed of delivery. Consumers are increasingly used to receiving goods in two days or less. To make this time frame a reality, manufacturers must eliminate all unnecessary actions.

Barcode scanners come in handy in terms of speed as they can be read and sorted much faster than a human. Employees no longer have to read and process information when barcode scanners are used. The scanner just tells him/her what the item is and where it needs to go. There are many factors that determine delivery speed, but barcode scanners can make all the difference.

Barcode Scanning is More Cost-effective in the Long Run

Implementing a barcode scanning system may cost some money initially and there will be a learning curve, but it will ultimately save money in the long run. The average person makes an error every 300 keystrokes, while a barcode scanner makes an error every few million attempts. It doesn't take a mathematician to understand how much time and money you can save using a barcode scanner.

In addition to saving money by eliminating errors, barcoding can actually help companies by increasing production. Scanning a barcode may only save a few seconds, but over time those seconds start to add up. An efficient warehouse will run more smoothly and save time and money. A good business will use the time saved to expand its business and grow in new ways or seek to improve other processes, including manufacturing.

The above briefly introduces the importance of barcode scanners and their applications in manufacturing companies. If you want to buy barcode scanners, please contact us.

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