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RFID Warehouse Management System

RFID Warehouse Management System

Nov 9,2022

What is RFID? RFID is the wireless radio frequency identification technology (Radio Frequency Identification). Is a kind of automatic diagnosis technology, through the wireless radio frequency way carries on the non-contact two-way data communication, uses the wireless radio frequency way to the electronic label or the radio frequency card carries on the read-write, thus achieves the recognition target and the data exchange purpose. In the real life, many equipment, the instrument, the software system has applied this technology.
In the RFID warehouse management system, the system also uses rfid technology to carry out real-time visualization management of goods, which strengthens the enterprise's control ability for the warehouse and helps it to further enhance its working efficiency.


RFID Warehouse Management System Features

1 Strong identification performance

RFID technology relies on electromagnetic waves, does not need to connect the two sides of the physical contact, has a strong penetration; read and write speed is very fast, a typical RFID transmission process is usually less than 100 milliseconds. And can simultaneously identify, read the contents of multiple tags; rfid can be identified over long distances.

2 Real-time data

RFID tag and product one-to-one correspondence, each tag is unique, so the system can clearly track the situation of each product, when the goods change, real-time data generation.


3 Warehouse real-time visual management

By capturing and updating the information data in real time, the system forms a dynamic visual operation diagram on the screen, and manages the whole warehouse through a dynamic operation flow chart.

4 Advanced access management

RFID warehouse management system combines the whole warehouse management with RFID technology, which can effectively complete various business operations, improve warehouse management, and increase efficiency and value. For each batch of incoming goods, the system automatically records the incoming time, storage location and other information. When the goods are discharged, the FIFO management of goods can be realized on this basis.


5 Refined inventory operations

RFID warehouse management system in a variety of ways to operate at the same time, the need to receive and issue materials and inventory according to the existing situation, the entire inventory in the operation of the subdivision, and according to the existing tasks down to the operations team. System operators can automatically accept all operational tasks and understand inventory changes through inventory logs and detailed records of system operations.


RFID warehouse management system is highly adaptable and widely used in a wide range of industries, and many companies can improve the intelligence of the warehouse through it, thus improving the quality of the efficiency of warehouse operations and further enhancing the effectiveness of the warehouse.

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