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RFID Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Applied In Garment Industry

RFID Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Applied In Garment Industry

Oct 28,2022

In recent years, with the rise of various new brands in the clothing industry, the market has gradually expanded, and the popularity of e-commerce industry, many clothing stores of well-known brands have also closed down or canceled their direct stores. Appeared fake goods, channeling goods and other behavior. RFID technology is used to solve the problem of anti counterfeiting and anti channeling goods, and RFID electronic tag is applied to clothing.

RFID Electronic Chip Tag

1 Chip can collect and store information and record sales trends. At the same time, the RFID tag code is unique, can effectively solve the enterprise anti counterfeiting anti channeling problem!

2 Convenient and fast reading, data reading does not need a light source, and can even be carried out through the outer packaging.

3. Fast identification speed. As soon as an electronic tag enters the range of magnetic field or electromagnetic wave emission, the UHF reader can immediately read the information in it and process multiple tags at the same time to achieve batch identification.

4 Large data capacity, 2D barcode (PDF417), can store up to 2725 digits; If it contains letters, the amount of storage is small; RFID electronic tag can be extended to 1K according to the needs of users;

5 Long service life, a wide range of applications, its radio communication mode, so that it can be used in dust, oil pollution and other highly polluted environment and radioactive environment, and its closed packaging makes its service life is much longer than the printed bar code;

6 tag data can be dynamically changed, the use of the programmer can be changed to write the data, thus giving RFID tags interactive portable data file function, and write time is less than the printing bar code;

7 Better safety, not only can use the passive label with its own battery, but also can use the passive label with its own battery. The rapid development of market economy has promoted the diversity and richness of market products, and met the growing consumer needs.


While realizing the tracking function, RFID technology can also be extended to the management application of smart stores, which helps to improve the consumption experience and product safety of the finished product supply chain. Through the application of RFID supply chain management, the problems of product theft prevention and counterfeiting can be effectively solved.

Product tags realized by RFID technology, combined with wireless communication technology, can identify and track individual products, so as to improve the traditional sense of enterprise information management system function. To achieve effective management of a single product, enhance brand and product value, and enhance anti-counterfeiting technology.


1. Rapid identification: Fast identification of clothing can be achieved through RFID supply chain technology to improve the efficiency of logistics and supply chain transportation; Rapid and efficient warehouse management mode needs RFID automatic identification technology.

2. Information sharing: Establish a standardized data query procedure through a unique clothing identification barcode, so that the identification barcode of relevant clothing information can be circulated in all information systems to exchange information and achieve mutual benefit.

Quality traceability: the difference of garment quality under the same production standard. Faulty clothing can be traced back to the source to determine the cause of the problem and prevent the same problem from happening again.

Product archive: The RFID reader is used to automatically collect data, and complete product archive can be established, including detailed information of garment manufacturing process, production process, quality inspection data and so on.

5. Easy to counterfeit: Because RFID tags are embedded with tiny large-scale integrated circuit chips, the chips have a unique code when they leave the factory.

6. Various packaging forms: RFID tags can be packaged into various forms, which is conducive to loading on the goods;

7 Quick inspection: RFID tag support wireless, batch, rapid scanning, without opening the package can instantly check the commodity information, so that the anti-counterfeit inspection is simple and quick.

8 Support traceability: RFID technology chip can carry a large amount of data, can record the data information generated in the whole process of circulation, to achieve traceability function.

9 Data security: through the unique RFID data transmission protocol and encryption mode, ensure that the data stored in the RFID tag can only be read by the authenticated device.
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