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What Are the General and New Usage Scenarios of Rfid Animal Tags?

What Are the General and New Usage Scenarios of Rfid Animal Tags?

Oct 21,2022
rfid animal tag
RFID tags are used in many industries and work scenarios. The technology is widely used in clothing, food, logistics, sports, animal husbandry, medicine, and many other industries. Farmers first started using electronic cattle tags in 1970. Since then, electronic tags have been widely used and have now developed into RFID tags, which are more convenient and economical for animal tags. The first RFID animal tags were in the form of collars. Later, ear tags and leg straps came into use. This is followed by implantable and bolus labels. Rumen pellets and ear tag technology are new applications for animal tagging.

What is an ear tag?

An ear tag is a plastic or metal object with an identification number on it placed in the animal's ear. New electronic identification tags (EIDs) use radio frequency identification device (RFID) technology for more efficient livestock management. These electronic tags use EID numbers or administrative numbers placed on buttons behind the animals' ears. The information on the tag is read and stored with the help of radio waves in the animal RFID reader.

What are the usage scenarios of RFID animal tags?

RFID tags are commonly used for animal population tracking and animal database monitoring. RFID systems are also used to monitor animal activity, such as eating behavior. Let's see their application

Livestock breeder

Farmers and livestock producers find it difficult to locate and monitor the activities of their livestock because the process is time-consuming and expensive. So they put tags on the animals to help them easily identify and monitor the inventory. The tags also track the performance of their cattle and monitor their health. These records ensure proper feeding, vaccination, and movement of animals on the farm. And it helps farmers make timely and correct decisions to sell cattle when the farm no longer needs them.

Cow management

It is important for farmers to know how much milk each cow produces. It is also important for them to monitor their food and health so they can get the most out of it in the form of milk. RFID tags help them track a cow's complete milking cycle. When a cow enters the sidewalk entrance of the parlor, the parlor computer screen displays the cow's UID, last milk production, somatic cell count, and medication information for any ailments. Dairy farmers can document and act quickly and efficiently.


If a female does not conceive and reproduce early in each breeding season, it will be less productive and profitable. The conception of each breeding season depends on heat detection, effective service, and fertility. Undetectable estrus and unsuccessful services resulted in no or delayed conception. Therefore, RFID tags are used to accurately detect estrus and monitor reproductive cycles.


Veterinarians require all livestock and pet owners to use RFID tags so they can easily identify sick animals and lost pets. Veterinarians can easily scan lost pets to identify their owners.

Pet owner

Pet owners are using RFID chips for their beloved pets. It is heartbreaking for any pet owner to lose a beloved pet. Losing and finding pets is a very common situation, and it is difficult for owners to identify and protect their pets. With RFID chips, pet locators can easily scan pets and identify their owners and reunite them.


RFID tags are used for real-time tracking of laboratory animals. Researchers need to accurately study various parameters of the tested animals, such as age, gender, behavior, and disease. Any errors may produce incorrect results. Reading, testing, and documenting everything manually increases the chance of human error. RFID microchips and readers provide a reliable, convenient, and permanent method for positive identification of laboratory animals.

Food and safety

Product identification and disease control are very important aspects of food safety management. RFID tags are used to track animals from farms to supermarkets easily and efficiently. Animals have a long food chain, and every step from farm to slaughterhouse to market requires manpower. Also, it works for multiple geographic locations. In such a long supply chain process, manual data collection and management are extremely difficult. RFID tags help simplify the process. It is the most economical and convenient way to record and share data across chains.

The above briefly introduces the general and new usage scenarios of RFID animal tags. If you want to customize or purchase RFID tags or RFID readers, please contact us.

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