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Tips on How to Choose the Right Barcode Scanner for Your Business

Tips on How to Choose the Right Barcode Scanner for Your Business

Sep 29,2022
Strip scanners are well stocked devices. Its yardage management is the most convenient, and the information for storing various products ranges from several to several million. 

The use of barcode scanners is not limited to capturing data from barcodes, but can extend to converting it into readable, actionable information. 

Barcode Scanner:  

Eliminate the possibility of human error when manually entering data

Increase efficiency by helping employees perform tasks quickly without comprehensive training. 

Help organize inventory with the ability to read real-time data on specific products or track goods and equipment. 

Versatile and can be used for any business. It helps speed up queues in retail stores by saving important tracking information to accurately scan suppliers' products and store inventory information. 

Affordable and user friendly. 

Which industries benefit from barcode scanners? 

Online and offline inventory management with barcode scanners can drive omnichannel marketing for retailers of any size. The best example of omnichannel marketing using barcode scanners is an electronics company in India that sells products both online and offline. The healthcare industry also primarily benefits from barcode scanners to help track the complex relationships between manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and healthcare providers. Transportation and logistics businesses can easily track their shipments. 

But the advantages of these scanners are no longer limited to these traditional businesses. Special event and travel passes, cell phone apps that perform specific actions, calorie counters, and self-checkout apps in stores all use barcodes. It is even now used by PSUs for asset management to easily track and audit multiple branch resources. 

Types and applications of barcode scanners

1. Handheld 1D Scanner

Considered the scanner of choice for retailers, 1D scanners provide simple, efficient and automated scanning for faster checkout. These laser scanners connect to systems in a handheld design for fast scanning. 

For businesses: pharmacies, clothing stores, small warehouses, offices, banks and retail stores. 

2. Handheld 2D Scanner

These scanners are used for projects that require scanning alphanumeric information containing images, website addresses, and other binary data. These scanners can perform specific actions based on knowledge and do not necessarily need to always be connected to a database. 

Applicable enterprises: healthcare, supermarkets, warehouses, logistics, parts manufacturing units, toll booths. With its 2D capabilities, it can be used in movie theaters, events, etc., and mobile barcodes can be used not only for storing information.

3. Hands-free scanner

These are heavy duty scanners that scan barcodes hands-free. It allows users to scan barcodes to increase efficiency and ensure customers don't have to wait longer. These scanners are designed with area imaging to ensure they can read barcodes instantly. 

Suitable for enterprises: supermarkets, retail stores, production lines, laboratories. 

In summary 

Barcode scanners are an essential component for any business looking to increase efficiency, increase employee convenience, reduce human error in inventory management, or save money in retail channels. With the widespread use of PSUs, events and mobile apps, barcode scanners have become an essential part of any data-driven business. If you want to buy a barcode scanner, please contact us .

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2D Barcode Scanner | Yanze YS868I | Desktop Barcode Reader Omnidirectional Square 2D Megapixel USB and RS232 Interface
Yanzeo YS868I, 2D barcode scanner, omnidirectional square 2D megapixel, USB and RS232 interface
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