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RFID Technology Helps AGV Automated Transportation

RFID Technology Helps AGV Automated Transportation

Jul 26,2022

With the rapid development of the logistics system, the application of AGV is becoming more and more extensive; the application of RFID technology in the automatic transportation of AGV has good environmental adaptability, strong anti-interference ability and target recognition ability, and can be highly guaranteed without manual intervention. The materials operate efficiently, automatically obtain the transportation status, find problems in time, and upload them to the background for processing.

How RFID Technology Helps AGV Automated Transportation
Install the RFID reader to the AGV trolley, and install AGV landmarks (RFID electronic tags) at each node of the driving track. When the AGV car passes through the nodes, the RFID automatically obtains the material/product information already entered by the AGV landmarks (RFID electronic tags). To guide the AGV to take corresponding actions and deal with related problems in a timely manner, RFID is of great significance in the automatic transportation of AGV.

Advantages of RFID in AGV automated transportation:
1 Reduce manual operations, reduce employee labor intensity, and improve work efficiency.

2 RFID batch, fast and accurate positioning, realize AGV automatic data acquisition, flexible control of car activities, and efficient operation.

3 Cargo identification, AGV trolley transportation can accurately and timely obtain transportation information.

4 For cargo transportation, the AGV trolley can grasp the cargo transportation route and placement area in time.

5 Cargo records, the AGV trolley can accurately record the quantity of goods transported and the number of times of transported goods through the read label information, which is convenient for inquiries at any time.

The carrier of AGV transportation goods is mainly pallets, and RFID technology is used for AGV goods transportation, mainly by installing readers and antennas on the AGV landmark reader, and installing electronic labels, pallets and goods on pallets or goods. The information of the managed objects is recorded on it. When transporting goods, the AGV landmark card reader records the information of the transported goods by reading the labels on the pallet or the goods, and determines the route of the goods transported by the cargo information read by the reader, which is convenient for later query and allocation.

The AGV material handling vehicle uses RFID technology to automatically collect data to obtain the target object data, upload the running position and working status in time, execute the relevant instructions, and transmit the work rhythm and workload to the relevant platform in time; AGV reads the ground mark through RFID, and makes Corresponding actions (changing speed, steering, positioning, parking, etc.). The RFID card reader improves transportation and work efficiency in the workshop AGV material handling vehicle, grasps the position and status of the trolley in time, makes the scheduling of the AGV trolley more flexible, and makes reasonable use of automatic collection, location, time, quantity and other information, and feedback to management system for efficient management!
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