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The Important Role of RFID Technology in Animal Management

The Important Role of RFID Technology in Animal Management

Jul 5,2022
The continuous outbreak of animal epidemics around the world further highlights the important role of RFID technology in animal management. Global animal diseases continue to break out. Large-scale outbreaks of swine fever, avian influenza, and COVID-19 have not only severely damaged the livestock industry in the world, especially in Europe, but also seriously affected and even threatened human health and safety. Therefore, it has attracted great attention from countries all over the world, especially European countries, and governments of various countries quickly formulate policies and take corresponding measures.

Countries around the world have stepped up animal management in livestock and business. Among them, the identification and tracking of animals have become one of the main measures taken by countries.

Identifying and tracking all kinds of animals can strengthen the control and supervision of exotic animal diseases, protect the safety of native species, ensure the safety of international trade in animal products, strengthen the government's management of animal vaccination and disease prevention, and improve the ability to diagnose and prevent diseases. The ability to report animal diseases and respond to domestic and foreign animal epidemics.

At present, widely used animal identification methods include ear tags, back tags, necklaces, tail tags, tattoos, and leg tags. The RFID system can carry out a complex multi-step tracking supply network for livestock raising, epidemic prevention, slaughtering, and sales, and is an efficient supply chain management solution.

RFID solutions can simplify animal husbandry management, epidemic prevention management, and timely understanding and prevention of large-scale epidemics. It can not only bring benefits to herdsmen and reduce losses, but also facilitate government departments to monitor the whole process of animal husbandry and epidemic prevention to ensure the quality of meat products entering the market.

How is RFID technology applied to animal husbandry?

A). When animals are born and raised, RFID tags (such as ear tags or foot rings) are installed on the animals, and then the breeders use handheld terminals to continuously collect or store information as they grow. Record key information such as epidemic prevention and other livestock records and disease information in different periods. Control safety products from the source.

B). Before slaughtering, use the reader to read the RFID tag information on the livestock, and confirm that the livestock has an epidemic prevention record, and can only be slaughtered and marketed after it is truly healthy. At the same time, this information is written on the box label, the pallet label, and the price label.

C). In the process of market supervision, the supervision department requires that all the pallets, boxes, price tags, etc. of all sales outlets must contain RFID electronic tags. It is stipulated that the origin, name, variety, grade, price, and other relevant data of meat should be written into the electronic label.

D). The fresh meat enters the market circulation link, and the RFID electronic label is attached to the tray or packing box loaded with the meat, and it is transported to the designated supermarket or market point of sale. When handing over the goods, just read the RFID electronic tag to read the box or pallet through a fixed RFID reader or a handheld reader.

E). Through the computer terminal, consumers can display various links such as animal husbandry, epidemic prevention, slaughtering, and circulation just by clicking the mouse. The biggest feature of electronic identification technology is that it cannot be copied. Each animal has a unique identification number to ensure information is not mixed up.

The use of RFID technology has brought management changes to the animal husbandry industry chain and realized paperless management. Provide data convenience for government departments, data cannot be tampered with and simplifies supervision procedures. If you want to buy RFID readers or RFID tags, please contact us.

Yanzeo is a professional custom RFID reader and tag manufacturer. The company has invested heavily in scientific research projects in the field of automatic identification all year round. Through the product development and application of innovative technologies, we can customize a variety of automatic identification solutions for customers to meet the growing needs of customers for barcode solutions. PDA, RFID reader, and other barcode RFID-related products produced by the SR series have successively passed the US FCC certification, EU CE certification, and ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. Widely used in animal husbandry, government agencies, public security, public utilities and logistics supermarkets, property security, etc.
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