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The Importance Of Barcode Scanner Application In POS Cashier

The Importance Of Barcode Scanner Application In POS Cashier

May 14,2022
Barcode scanner equipment is actually the machine that scans the barcode of the item in the hands of the cashier at the supermarket checkout. Of course, the scanner gun does not only have this function.

The scanning gun, taking the barcode scanner as an example, is mainly composed of five parts: the transmitting device, the receiving device, the photoelectric conversion device, the decoding circuit and the computer interface. First, the transmitting device, the light source, emits light to the barcode, and the light is reflected on the barcode and the reflected light is received by the receiving device; secondly, the reflected light is converted into an electrical signal by the photoelectric conversion device, and passed through the decoding circuit. It is processed into a digital signal that can be directly accepted by the computer; finally, the digital signal is transmitted to the computer through the computer interface to complete the scanning and identification process of the barcode.

In order to reduce the workload of people and improve the accuracy of data, the use of barcodes is becoming more and more extensive, express bills, bills, tags, logos, meter data transcription and so on. With the popularity of barcodes and QR codes, barcode scanners are increasingly used in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, retail and other industries. The characteristics of barcode scanners are sturdy, durable, portable, and maintain high levels even in harsh environments also can work efficiency.


Barcode Scanner Features

1. Wireless data transmission
The traditional scanning gun transmission line is limited in length and has certain requirements on the location of the equipment. The transmission line is not easy to organize and carry. Through the wireless network constructed by bluetooth, the connection between the barcode scanner and the computer can be made more convenient, so that users can exchange data and information in a convenient and timely manner anytime and anywhere.

2. Set a variety of functions into one
The barcode scanner can customize functions such as one-dimensional barcode scanning, two-dimensional code scanning, RFID radio frequency identification, NFC reading, DPM code reading, fingerprint identification, GPS navigation and other functions according to user needs.

3. It has its own battery, which can be used mobile
Generally speaking, barcode scanners are classified into industrial grade and consumer grade. Industrial-grade PDAs are better than consumer-grade ones in terms of performance, stability, and battery durability.

4. Advantages of 1D barcode scanners
The 1D barcode scanner can accurately scan the barcode of the commodity as required, and can identify the one-dimensional barcode of the same plane and object as needed, which is impossible for the 2D barcode scanner. 2D barcodes may scan all barcodes on one plane.

Barcode Scanner Application

1. Logistics warehousing
The barcode scanner can be used for data collection of couriers' waybill, data collection in transit fields and warehouses. By scanning the express bar code, the waybill information can be directly transmitted to the back-end server through wireless transmission, and at the same time, it can realize functions such as query of related business information.


2. Retail stores
Barcode scanners can be used in chain stores, stores, and special counters, and can realize the collection and transmission of data such as store entry, sales, storage, inventory, transfer, refund, subscription and membership management.


3. Shoes and clothing order meeting
The barcode scanner can be used for wireless ordering fairs in the footwear and apparel industry, and ordering can be done by scanning barcodes with handheld terminals.


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