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Desktop UHF RFID Reader How Use In More Application Scenarios

Desktop UHF RFID Reader How Use In More Application Scenarios

May 4,2022
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  • With the continuous popularization of RFID technology applications, the application requirements of RFID readers are also increasing, and the types of products are becoming more and more abundant. In general, in the future, readers will continue to develop in the direction of intelligence, miniaturization and integration. In daily life, the use of RFID technology has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, such as travel, medical care, food, etc., all have RFID technology.

  • RFID technology is a radio frequency identification technology, which can identify corresponding target objects and obtain relevant data information through radio frequency signals. It is one of the common wireless communication technologies in today's society.

  • In some scenes that are closely related to people's lives, RFID technology is used very frequently. However, people who don't know it may not realize the existence of RFID technology. Today, RFID technology is mainly described from some common application scenarios. Real-life everyday applications. The second-generation resident ID card has an RFID chip embedded in the ID card. After the ID card enters the sensing range of the reader, the chip and the radio frequency signal sent by the reader conduct electronic induction, the chip generates a short power supply, and then transmits the information in the chip. On the reader, the reader sends the acquired data to the data processing center for decoding to obtain relevant information.

  • The reader, also known as the reader, is a special device for reading and writing electronic tag information. It is the most important and complex component in the RFID system. Its operation mode is generally to actively ask the tag for information. The reader communicates with the RFID tag through the antenna. In this process, in addition to establishing communication, it also needs to complete collision prevention and identity verification.


  • RFID reader, namely radio frequency identification technology, this technology is usually used for wireless transmission and reception. RFID readers are also widely used in various fields. Yanzeo SR360 can support Android, Windows, Linux, IOS systems, both plug and play, without any driver. The output prefix and suffix can be customized. More customized products and solutions based on customer needs are good tools for logistics, warehouse management, supply chain management, vehicles, retail, library organization, and attendance management. It can process multiple tags at the same time, with strong security, ultra-low power consumption, high reliability of active tag technology, fast and simple system integration, and reliable performance, complete functions and high security.
  • Revealing the Secrets of Commonly Used Electronic Security Systems
    Revealing the Secrets of Commonly Used Electronic Security SystemsJune 8,2023
    Electronic anti-theft system refers to the general term for RF, AM, and EM anti-theft systems, which are commonly used in places such as libraries and supermarkets. Their principles and usage methods are different, but they all use the principle of electromagnetic induction for anti-theft, used to detect goods with anti-theft labels, and protect the integrity and safety of electronic anti-theft systems.
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    Knowledge about Anti Metal Rfid tagJune 6,2023
    RFID tag manufacturers specialize in intelligent ultra-high frequency metal resistant RFID electronic tags, which are widely used in logistics management, warehouse management, asset management, and other places. The main features of ultra-high frequency anti metal RFID tags include: Capable of working in high metal environments with stable performance;
  • Do you know the key technologies of RFID?
    Do you know the key technologies of RFID?June 2,2023
    Radio frequency technology: The frequency of radio waves used in RFID systems is usually within the LF (low frequency), HF (high frequency), UHF (ultra high frequency), or microwave (microwave) range. The choice of frequency depends on the application scenario and requirements, as different frequencies have different transmission ranges and energy consumption.
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