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Main Uses of Handheld Computers

Main Uses of Handheld Computers

Apr 1,2022
For many professionals, the standard combination of smartphones and laptops is sufficient for work and play. In recent years, some people have started trading their computers for tablets with keyboards and other auxiliary accessories.

For the most part, though, a laptop is great for typing reports or doing standard office work, while a smartphone or tablet is great for instantly typing emails, keeping in touch with teams, taking photos, and more. With these gadgets, what other mobile devices might you need to get work done?

Main uses of handheld computers

For some jobs, none of these devices cover all the bases. Laptops aren't portable enough, regular tablets aren't rugged enough, and regular smartphones don't offer enough power or security. In this case, the handheld computer is particularly important. Here are some jobs that frequently use the handheld.

1. Warehouse workers

Tracking inventory in a commodity or industrial warehouse can be a daunting job, complicated by the size of the space and the range of different products or supplies that are stored there. Handheld computers simplify work, allowing warehouse foreman or shift workers to scan incoming and outgoing products and maintain electronic inventory.

2. Deliveryman

Today, when a courier delivers a package to your door, he or she may scan it with a rugged handheld computer. The basic purpose here is the same as for warehouse workers: the scan records the package as delivered, and saves delivery workers the time and hassle of going into a computer system to manually update the status of the package. This technology is also what makes it so easy to track packages in transit.

3. Event admission

In the past, when you went to a concert or sporting event, someone would tear up your ticket upon your arrival to record your admission and prevent you from giving the ticket to someone else to reuse. The entire process can now be digitized and using handheld computers, staff can scan tickets, track how many people are at their venues, and prevent people from entering with fake or used tickets.

The rise of the handheld computer?

As you can see, handheld computers are ideal mobile devices for many applications. In fact, in many industrial jobs, PDAs have become a must-have device in the industry-a damaged PDA can cause a significant drop in productivity. Since the job functions of the aforementioned rugged handhelds (scanning, tracking, inventory updates, etc.) are things most smartphones or tablets can't handle--either because of a lack of power or because of poor app software--it's easy to see why many businesses rely on the handheld and its peers to continue producing and supporting these devices.

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