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Application of RFID Technology In Sports Timing

Application of RFID Technology In Sports Timing

March 10,2022
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  • In many competitive sports competitions, the key to victory or defeat is time, and in many cases victory or defeat lies in the difference of an instant, which requires fair and accurate timing. 
  • The traditional way is that the referee uses a stopwatch to time the time, which is not only inefficient, but also has large errors. With the development and maturity of UHF RFID technology, it has been widely used in the field of sports timing.
  • RFID sports timing systems are applicable to many fields, including track and field, marathon, walking, swimming, cycling, roller skating, relay races and many other official competitions. In addition, there are many applications in school sports meetings, physical fitness tests, and daily training and competitions of troops and military schools.
  • At present, many different types of sports labels have been developed on the market for different sports types, such as recyclable waterproof labels suitable for water sports; disposable sports shoes labels suitable for track and field sports; and 2.45G active Recycling tags have the characteristics of long reading distance, strong anti-interference and 100% reading rate, but the cost is also much higher than the general UHF RFID.


  • The Advantages of RFID in Sports Competition Timing
  • 1 No human intervention, automatic statistics to ensure the fairness of the game;

  • 2 The cost of UHF RFID tags is very low, and it is convenient to use in large quantities;

  • 3 The UHF RFID system has a powerful group reading capability, which can instantly read and record hundreds of tag data.
  • In recent years, urban marathons have risen rapidly in major cities in China, and RFID timing systems are widely used in this scenario. Because there are many marathon runners, it is necessary to process a large amount of runner information in a short time, which is highly matched with the performance characteristics of UHF RFID technology.

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