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What? Cosmetics Also Have RFID Anti-counterfeiting Marks

What? Cosmetics Also Have RFID Anti-counterfeiting Marks

Feb 26,2022
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  • At present, the cosmetics market is developing more and more rapidly. As a necessity of daily life, the market size of cosmetics has exceeded 300 billion, and the industry CAGR is as high as 9.1%.With the development of information technology, many commodities are sold through the Internet, so the number of counterfeit products is increasing. Especially in cosmetics, huge profits make fake and shoddy cosmetics circulate more and more in the market, which not only affects the brand image of the product itself, but also causes significant loss of profits to distributors.
  • In addition, due to the continuous innovation of the modern industry, the products of most cosmetic companies in the market are becoming more and more novel and diverse. The abundance of product lines also brings a lot of trouble to warehousing and picking. The traditional manual picking method can no longer meet the needs of the company. Therefore, the countermeasure of anti-counterfeiting labels.
  • The ID of the anti-counterfeiting label is unique, the unique authentication information in the chip and the strict encryption authentication mechanism can make the anti-counterfeiting technology effective for a long time.
  • Cosmetics RFID electronic label anti-counterfeiting system has broken through the idea of anti-counterfeiting technology in the past, and adopted new measures, which are difficult to forge, easy to identify, information feedback, unique password, confidential password, and one-time use.
  • Using RFID technology for anti-counterfeiting, compared with laser anti-counterfeiting, digital anti-counterfeiting, etc, its advantage is that each label has a unique ID number, which is placed in ROM when the chip is made, cannot be modified, and is difficult to counterfeit; mechanical wear and anti-counterfeiting Sewage,etc
  • Features And Applications of RFID Cosmetic Anti-counterfeiting Labels
  • 1.Stick NFC fragile anti-transfer labels on single products, and stick them on the product or the opening of the package. Due to the variety of cosmetics and the variety of single product packaging, it is recommended to use miniature products when the label cannot be used. Paste on the thumbnail. Each NFC fragile anti-transfer tag has a globally unique ID number that cannot be counterfeited or tampered with. The NFC fragile anti-transfer tag can achieve the effect of tearing and destroying, and cannot be transferred twice. It can fully realize the information management of product production statistics, circulation traceability, sales data,etc.
  • 2.The use of UHF RFID electronic labels on the large packaging boxes of the whole box can realize the management of product in and out of the warehouse, and warehouse inventory.
  • 3.Shippers and warehouses use handheld computers to query and track goods.
  • 4. Courier and consumer terminal query can be read by NFC mobile phone.
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