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RFID Technology Digitized Animal Husbandry Management

RFID Technology Digitized Animal Husbandry Management

February 24,2022


  • RFID technology is mainly used in feeding links in animal husbandry management, including intelligent weighing, intelligent feeding, intelligent identification and inventory, animal breeding, epidemic prevention and control management, etc.

  • The advantages of RFID technology in animal husbandry management have gradually become prominent. Many large-scale pig, cattle and sheep breeding enterprises use RFID tag technology to manage animals.
  • In this technology, the animal tag is mainly used for wireless communication with the reader, the animal tag is worn on the animal ear, and the tag carries the animal identity information.
  • The reader can identify, track and exchange data on animal tags, so as to automatically identify and track animals, and achieve the purpose of scientific feeding and intelligent management.

Smart Weighing

  • By installing the RFID electronic tag animal ear identification reader in the animal weighing channel or automatic weighing machine, when the animal passes through the weighing channel or the automatic weighing machine, the reader automatically collects the ear tag information and uploads the weight data to the terminal system. Simplifies the work of measuring animal weight, and can obtain all animal weight data at one time, so as to better adjust feeding and management strategies, and it will also be more accurate for staged assessment of the growth of fattening pigs (compared to the traditional visual assessment method )

  • Smart Feeding
  • By installing the RFID electronic tag animal ear identification reader in the feeding trough, when the animal drinks and eats, it will be identified according to the animal weight information and repeated feeding information, and the corresponding water intake and feed amount will be fed to achieve scientific feeding. Reduce unnecessary feed waste.

  • Intelligent identification and inventory
  • Animals wear RFID electronic tag ear tags, and RFID electronic tag ear identification readers are installed in the access door or feeding pen. When animals pass through the access door or feeding pen, they can be automatically counted, and the collected information will be uploaded to the terminal management background in real time, for data aggregation. RFID feeding pen and access door are installed, which can automatically record whether the animal is out of the pen and whether it is returned to the pen, reducing the probability of errors.

  • Breeding Optimization
  • Breeding of livestock through RFID records the growth information of each generation, which helps to select high-quality breeds for feeding.

  • Epidemic Prevention
  • Animal epidemic prevention management through RFID will record the epidemic prevention information of each animal. If an animal has symptoms or epidemic situation, the management personnel will quickly detect the epidemic animal through the animal activity information, and carry out the management of changing fences in time to avoid group infection
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