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How Do RFID Electronic Tags Show Their Application Advantages in Book Management?

How Do RFID Electronic Tags Show Their Application Advantages in Book Management?

December 22,2021
the specific application of RFID electronic tags in book management
RFID electronic tags are also called radiofrequency tags, which can be used to write and read messages. RFID electronic tags and RFID readers realize spatial (non-contact) coupling of radiofrequency signals through coupling elements and realize energy transfer and data exchange according to the timing relationship in the coupling channel.

RFID tags have a wide variety and complete performance and are suitable for applications in various industries, such as book management, medical consumables, parking lots, industrial washing, intelligent production lines, catering services, fixed asset management, and so on. Below we will introduce the specific application of RFID electronic tags in book management.

Traditional book borrowing needs to be borrowed through a large collection library or campus library. Not only is it time-consuming to borrow, but it is also not convenient to return. With the development of science and technology, radio frequency technology has become more and more mature, which can be used in micro-libraries and can be placed on community street corners and campus corners.

It occupies a small area, is convenient to operate, and is convenient for people's borrowing needs. Its operating principle is very simple and similar to that of a smart retail cabinet. RFID book tags are pasted on the back of each book. The smartbook cabinet contains an antenna for the function of transmitting book positioning information. You can use the mobile phone to scan the relevant program to select the book, and then drop the book into the exit and take it away.
Advantages of electronic labels for library books

1. Realize fast positioning and searching of books, saving labor time and cost.

2. The self-service lending desk simplifies the process of borrowing and returning books to ensure the privacy and choice of readers and friends.

3. Improve the satisfaction of borrowers and reduce the workload of the staff in the library.

4. The function of automatic sounding prompt for books on a misplaced bookshelf.

5. The handheld can automatically count and scan in large quantities to query the location and status of books in real-time.
Advantages of electronic tags for micro-libraries

1. It is convenient for readers and friends to borrow books at any time.

2. The area is small, and the more investment areas are, such as community street corners, campuses, office buildings, etc.

3. The cabinet itself can be used for advertising.

4. Save labor costs and realize unmanned borrowing mode.

5. Big data counts the reading interest of readers and friends, and conducts targeted advertising.

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