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Why Do You Need RFID Solution?

Why Do You Need RFID Solution?

Nov 4,2021
Advantages of RFID technology
RFID is a universal technology that can be used throughout the enterprise to maintain and inspect assets, track goods to handling management through manufacturing equipment.

RFID systems bring benefits to companies of all sizes, enabling them to quickly increase efficiency by automating processes and improving asset ownership and quality . RFID can form the basis of an effective asset management system, and it is also the core of the Internet of Things.

The following are some of the benefits of RFID:

Track assets and manage inventory

Most people say that tracing assets and materials is a Martian challenge-whether it is components on the production line, products sent, industrial containers that need to be returned, or tools, laptops, and other high-value equipment without leaks, the RFID system provides a challenge. A fast and reliable way to track them without having to count individual items.

Using an RFID application, you can instantly view the quantity and location of any type of items you own, or you can take their stages in the process from when the goods are received to the store, when they are manufactured, and when they are used in the finished product. Track products. This book manages inventory, inventory inspection and auditing, and control execution "reduce" easily . RFID can also help find misplaced items on site.

By saving automation time and money

The RFID application automatically tracks the mobile license information of the goods and uploads it to the ERP or financial system. Therefore, they can manually delete the need for the form and replace the outdated spreadsheet. Using fixed readers at key points can save even more-for example, the need for manual intervention can be completely eliminated on the production line.

Improve data integrity and availability

Since data is collected and uploaded electronically, when collecting data on a large number of items at the same time, RFID and "missing items" and "missing items" are based on the use of cloud . You can view the latest data about the whereabouts or status of items. Data can also be shared with customers.

Strengthen health and safety

RFID systems allow companies to check when equipment and vehicles have been inspected or when the inspection is due, and restrict their use if certain conditions are not met. Systems offer an efficient way to manage inspection and reporting regimes and help satisfy insurers or regulatory bodies to follow processes.

Better control of production

Because RFID can identify individual items or components, it is ideal for complex or customized manufacturing processes to ensure that specific molds are filled with the correct volume of liquids and fired for the correct period of time, or specific components end up on the right production line. This helps reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Enhanced quality and traceability

RFID systems can also help ensure that items have passed through all the correct checks and processes-for example, a boiler has been assembled correctly and been inspected and approved before being delivered to the customer, thus improving quality and reducing the number of goods returned. RFID tagging can help ensure traceability by tracking an item right from its point of origin.

Increased revenues

By improving inventory management, organizations using RFID can provide a service that creates competitive differentiation and promotes increased customer satisfaction with opportunities for higher sales and better margins.

More in-depth management information

Because RFID allows data to be captured in real-time at different stages in the asset’s or product’s lifecycle, it provides enhanced management information for planning and operational purposes. Companies can use these insights to drive further efficiency improvements.

Shorter processes

RFID technologies can be integrated with other manufacturing or supply chain technologies-such as automated pallet handling and stock picking systems – to reduce the time from order to despatch and delivery.

Rapid payback time

RFID is a very cost-effective technology and the cost savings and enhanced revenues achieved can very quickly cover the cost of the initial outlay.

The RFID products designed and manufactured by Yanze have strong signal penetration and can work efficiently in harsh environments. We can provide you with corresponding solutions according to different uses, and provide customized services at the same time. If you want to learn more about RFID after reading the above content, you can contact us for a comprehensive solution.

As a RFID reader with many years of experience in reading bar code adverbial clauses: scanner manufacturer , we constantly adjust and optimize design solutions according to customer needs . Our complete quality inspection system and professional management team can fully control the details of the product. Our products travel around the world and the companies and customers who complained have been praised and rewarded by your customers. If you find our RFID products, please contact us immediately!
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