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Components and Main Functions of RFID Readers

Components and Main Functions of RFID Readers

October 26,2021

1. RFID天线







The reader module is the control center and intelligent unit of the entire reader, and it is the "brain" of the reader. The logic control module issues instructions when the reader is working, and the interface module performs different operations according to different instructions.

The microcontroller can complete signal encoding and decoding, data encryption and decryption, and execution of anti-collision algorithms; the storage unit is responsible for storing some programs and data; the application interface is responsible for communication with input or output.

The reason why the RFID reader is very important is determined by its function. Its main functions are as follows:

(1) The most common is to read tags. This function requires a reliable software algorithm to ensure safety and reliability. In addition to reading, it is sometimes necessary to write to the label, so that the label can be mass-produced, and the user can write to the label according to his needs.

(2) When the tag is passive or semi-passive, the reader is required to provide energy to activate the electronic tags around the field; the range that the reader can reach in the radiofrequency field is mainly determined by the size and the reader. The size of the antenna is mainly considered according to the application requirements, and the output power has different regulations in different countries and regions.

(3) Realize the communication with the computer network: this function is also very important, the reader can use some interfaces to realize the communication with the upper computer, and can provide some necessary information to the upper computer.

(4) The reader can correctly identify multiple tags within its working range.

(5) The reader can recognize not only stationary objects but also moving objects.

(6) For some errors in the recognition process, the reader can send out some prompts.

(7) For the tag, the reader can read the battery information of the active tag: such as the total battery power and remaining power of the battery.


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