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2016 Guangzhou 100 km Uninterrupted Running Challenge (Guangzhou Nansha station)

2016 Guangzhou 100 km Uninterrupted Running Challenge (Guangzhou Nansha station)

July 17,2021

The 100 kilometer uninterrupted race adopted a team relay running system. The whole distance was 100 kilometers, and the competitors must complete the challenge race in the form of team relay. With the original intention of releasing oneself and thinking for modern life, the event showed cultural elements and urban humanistic themes. All of us actively signed up to participate in this meaningful race, taking this opportunity to release themselves from the busy life. Although we didnt win the price, but everyone had a good time here.

We are calling the roll

We were introducing products in details and our products were popular with customers from all over the world.

  • Scan Engines
    Scan EnginesMay 29,2023
    Scan Engines Scan Engines are the workhorses of the scanning process and operate solely at the discretion of the Security Console. They are responsible for discovering assets during a scan, checking them for vulnerabilities, and assessing their level of policy compliance (if your selected scan template is configured to do so). Although Scan Engines serve as data collectors, they only temporarily store this data on their respective host machines.
  • Wearable computer -- RS409
    Wearable computer -- RS409May 24,2023
    A wearable computer is any small technological device capable of storing and processing data that can be worn on the body. Wearable computers are designed for accessibility and convenience, as well as improvements to workplaces by making information quickly and readily available to the wearer.
  • Barcode Scanner
    Barcode ScannerMay 22,2023
    With Yanzeo Barcode Scanner you can scan barcodes online using your mobile phone's camera. You can scan QR Code, Data Matrix, and many more 2D and 1D barcode types. Choose 1D or 2D scanning mode, capture barcode with your camera and let our sophisticated alghorythms to determine symbology itself and recognize. Try to read barcode online with our free Recognize barcode application if you need more options.
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