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What do you not know about self-service cash register system
August 13,2021.
The self-service cash register system, I believe many friends have experienced it in some large supermarkets or convenience stores. A large cash register machine scans the barcode of goods one by one with the code scanner of the cash register machine, and finally completes the cash register by scanning the barcode. We can imagine that the simplest self-service cash register system is actually the cash register system equipment in front of the cashier, which is only operated by the customer himself. The principle of the high-end self-service cash register system has just been described. Compared with the simple version, it has more comprehensive functions and looks taller.
There are two problems about the self-service cash register system. Let's discuss them:
1、 Why is the supermarket self-service cash register system developing so slowly?
Although many of our customers have experienced this self-service cash register device, in fact, there are not many such devices. To solve the problem of slow development, I think there must be many reasons. Let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the self-service cash register system to see if we can find the answer.
Advantages of self-service cash register system:
1. Obviously, it can save labor costs and no longer pay the cashier.
2. The sense of science and technology is relatively strong, satisfying some customers who want to experience high-tech, thus increasing the customer flow of the supermarket.
Disadvantages of self-service cash register system:
1. The cost of equipment is relatively high. In addition, equipment maintenance is also a big expense.
2. The cashier is slow. I believe many experienced customers feel the same way. If you are facing a cashier, you can make him speed up. But when you are facing a machine, you are often powerless.
3. It is difficult to prevent damage. A simple explanation is that it is difficult to prevent theft. Because the equipment itself is expensive, once the equipment is lost, it is equivalent to losing a large part of the cost.
By contrast, I believe you can also see that the disadvantages of the self-service cash register system are basically higher than the advantages. However, due to the different understanding and familiarity of customers with the equipment, the self-service cash register system is also difficult to truly achieve self-service, and the operator is still required to guide the operation.
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